1939 Norwegian Football Cup

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1939 Norwegian Football Cup
Norgesmester i fotball for menn 1939
Country Norway Norway
Defending champions Fredrikstad
Champions Sarpsborg (3rd title)
Runners-up Skeid

The 1939 Norwegian Football Cup was the 38th season of the Norwegian annual knockout football tournament. The tournament was open for all members of NFF, except those from Northern Norway. The final was the first and only final that was played in Tønsberg and it was played at Tønsberg Gressbane on 15 October 1939. In the final, two-time former winners Sarpsborg won 2-1 against Skeid, who played their first final, and secured their third title. Fredrikstad were the defending champions, but were eliminated by Sarpsborg in the semifinal.

Third round[edit]

Ålgård-Storm 3-0
Brage-Hamar IL 3-2
Lillestrøm-Clausenengen 6-1
Djerv-Viking 1-4
Tønsberg Turn-Drafn 1-4
Sarpsborg-Frigg 1-0
Gjøa-Hardy 4-2
Mjøndalen-Gleng 6-1
Jarl-Stavanger IF 3-2 (aet)
Kristiansund-Steinkjer 4-2
Moss-Gjøvik/Lyn 5-1
Lyn-Vigør 7-1
Rosenborg-Odd 0-3
Torp-Ørn 2-1

Fourth round[edit]

Drafn-Ålgård 6-3
Brage-Lyn 0-5
Kristiansund-Fredrikstad 1-2
Odd-Gjøa 1-2
Sarpsborg-Jarl 5-0
Moss-Lillestrøm 4-1
Viking-Mjøndalen 1-3
Skeid-Torp 7-2


Moss-Drafn 1-0
Lyn-Fredrikstad 1-2 (aet)
Gjøa-Skeid 0-2
Mjøndalen-Sarpsborg 1-4


Drafn-Skeid 2-3 (aet)
Fredrikstad-Sarpsborg 3-4


October 15: Sarpsborg-Skeid 2-1

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