1939 in New Zealand

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1939 in New Zealand
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The following lists events that happened during 1939 in New Zealand.


  • Estimated population as of 31 December: 1,641,600 [1]
  • Increase since 31/12/1938: 23,300 (1.44%)
  • Males per 100 females: 103.0


Regal and viceregal[edit]


The 26th New Zealand Parliament continued with the Labour Party in government.

Parliamentary opposition[edit]

Main centre leaders[edit]


Arts and literature[edit]

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  • Clarrie Gibbons wins the national title in the men's marathon, clocking 2:44:56.2 on 11 March 1939 in Napier.


A second interprovincial championship is held even though there is still no national association.[7] (see 1938 and 1946)

  • Interpovincial Champions: Men - Wellington


  • The 48th National Chess Championship was held in Wanganui, and was won by J.B. Dunlop of Dunedin (his 5th title).[8]


Horse racing[edit]

Harness racing[edit]

Rugby union[edit]

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Rugby league[edit]

New Zealand national rugby league team



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