1940 Football League War Cup Final

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The 1940 Football League War Cup Final was contested by West Ham United and Blackburn Rovers. It was played on 8 June 1940 and kicked-off at 6.30pm despite fears that London would be bombed by the Luftwaffe.[1] The wartime crowd included wounded members of the BEF recently evacuated from Dunkirk. West Ham won the tie 1–0; the only goal coming from Sam Small in the 34th minute when he followed up a parried shot from George Foreman.[1] [2] [3][4] [5]

Match details[edit]

West Ham United:
1 England Herman Conway
2 England Charlie Bicknell
3 England Charlie Walker
4 England Ted Fenton
5 England Dick Walker
6 England Joe Cockroft
7 England Sam Small
8 Scotland Archie Macaulay
9 England George Foreman
10 England Len Goulden
11 England Stan Foxall
England Charlie Paynter
Blackburn Rovers:
1 England James Barron
2 Wales Billy Hough
3 England Walter Crook
4 England Arnold Whiteside
5 Scotland Bob Pryde
6 England Frank Chivers
7 England William Rodgers
8 England Len Butt
9 England John Weddle
10 England Albert Clarke
11 England Billy Guest
England Bob Crompton

Post Match[edit]

The trophy was presented to the winning team by A. V. Alexander, First Lord of the Admiralty.[5]

As the match was played during wartime, no reception was held for the winning team. Some players went to the Boleyn public house on Green Street for a few pints whilst others returned immediately to their service units.[6]


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