1942–43 Panhellenic Championship

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Most people think[according to whom?] that the Pan-Hellenic Championship 1942/1943 never took place (as mentioned in EPO's official site) because of the Axis occupation of Greece but that's not entirely true.

During that period EPO had disbanded so the Union of Greek athletes (Greek: Ένωση ελλήνων αθλητών) decided to organize the Pan-Hellenic Championship 1942/1943. The championship started on January 1943 and the games were held normally at Kesariani (Athens), but after a while the championship stopped. This was because EPO was re-established and took over Greek Football once again. Until then AEK was leading the championship having won 3 of their 4 games two of which were against their rivals Olympiakos and [[Panathinaikos F.C.|Panathinaikos]].[1]

EPO and UGA dissagred on whether the championship until then was official so the championship restarted.

The championship was then also abandoned following disagreements between the Greek federation and the UGA. At the time of abandonment, AEK led the league with a record of:

1. AEK 20 7 6-1-0 43:8 +35


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