1942 in New Zealand

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1942 in New Zealand
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The following lists events that happened during 1942 in New Zealand.


  • Estimated population as of 31 December: 1,636,400 [1]
  • Increase since 31/12/1941: 5200 (0.32%)
  • Males per 100 females: 94.2


Regal and viceregal[edit]


The 26th New Zealand Parliament was extended for a further year due to World War II, with the Labour Party in government.

Parliamentary opposition[edit]

Main centre leaders[edit]


  • Japanese submarines operated in New Zealand waters in 1942 and 1943. They sent reconnaissance aircraft over Auckland and Wellington, but did not carry out any attacks.
  • 8 March: Japanese Warrant Officer Nobuo Fujita of the Imperial Japanese Navy conducts aerial reconnaissance of Wellington. His Yokosuka E14y reconnaissance plane had been catapulted into the air from the Japanese submarine I-25 which stored the plane in a sealed foredeck hangar. After a successful daylight tour the submarine and plane headed north to make an inspection of Auckland on March 13.
  • 24 May: I-21 briefly operated off northern New Zealand in May 1942. I-21's floatplane flown by Lt Ito Isuma conducted a reconnaissance flight over Thames and then Auckland on 24 May.
  • 9 December: 37 of the 39 female patients in Ward 5 at Seacliff Lunatic Asylum (psychiatric hospital) are killed in a night-time fire - the country's worst fire disaster at that time. [1]

Arts and literature[edit]

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Most sports events were on hold due to the war.

Horse racing[edit]

Harness racing[edit]


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Rugby league[edit]

New Zealand national rugby league team


  • Chatham Cup competition not held
  • Provincial league champions: [6]
    • Auckland: Mount Albert Grammar School Old Boys
    • Canterbury: Western
    • Hawke's Bay: Napier HSOB
    • Nelson: No competition
    • Otago: Army
    • South Canterbury: No competition
    • Southland: No competition
    • Waikato: No competition
    • Wanganui: No competition
    • Wellington: Hospital


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