1943 in the Philippines

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1943 in the Philippines

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1943 in the Philippines details events of note that happened in the Philippines in the year 1943.


Philippine Commonwealth[edit]

Second Philippine Republic[edit]


  • March 5 – Cebuano guerrillas and irregular forces including the newly ongoing local troops of the Philippine Commonwealth Army military units encounters to under attack for the Battle of Guila-Guila in Compostela, Cebu and attacking Japanese troops.
  • May 28Shigenori Kuroda appointed as Japanese Military Governor (1942–1943)
  • June 20 – Japanese Premier Hideki Tojo nominates an all Filipino 20 member Preparatory Commission for Philippine Independence
  • September 4 – The Philippine Preparatory Commission for Independence drafts a new Constitution which provides for a unicameral national assembly
  • September 20 – The 108 delegates to the National Assembly are chosen by the members of the Preparatory Commission for Philippine Independence.
  • October 14 – The puppet government is inaugurated. Laurel takes his oath of office

Unknown date[edit]

  • January-December – Filipino troops under the Philippine Commonwealth Army military units including the local recognized guerrillas began the encounter conflicts and insurgencies during the occupation against the Japanese Imperial forces. But still the aftermath of the few months the main battle, the retreating and withdrew the local recognized guerrillas from the hands of the Japanese military.
  • SeptemberJose P. Laurel elected President of the Philippines by the National Assembly.
  • November – The Philippine economy collapses, the shortage of rice becomes serious.