1944–45 NCAA men's basketball season

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Season headlines[edit]

Major rule changes[edit]

Beginning in 1944–45, the following rules changes were implemented:

  • Along with the ball on the rim, defensive interference by touching the ball after it had started its downward flight during an opponent's field goal attempt was declared a goal for the shooting team.
  • Five personal fouls disqualify a player. An extra foul was not permitted in overtime games.
  • Unlimited substitution was permitted.
  • It became a violation for an offensive player to remain in the free-throw lane for more than three seconds.[2]

Premo-Porretta power poll[edit]

The first official college basketball poll appeared during the 1948–49 season. St. Bonaventure University accounting professor Patrick M. Premo and computer programmer Phil Porretta researched teams before that year, back to the 1892–93 season. The Premo-Porretta Power Polls were compiled by reviewing results, opponents and margins of victory.[1][3]

1945 Premo-Porretta Poll
Ranking Team
1 Iowa (17–1)
2 Oklahoma A&M (27–4)
3 DePaul (21–3)
4 Rice (20–1)
5 Army (14–1)
6 Navy (12–2)
7 Ohio State (15–5)
8 Bowling Green (24–4)
9 Notre Dame (15–5)
10 Kentucky (22–4)
11 St. John's (21–3)
12 RPI (13–1)
13 Akron (21–2)
14 NYU (16–8)
15 Muhlenberg (24–4)
16 South Carolina (19–3)
17 Valparaiso (21–3)
18 Tennessee (18–5)
19 Rhode Island (20–5)
20 Hamline (20–4)
21 North Carolina (22–6)
22 Temple (16–7)
23 Illinois (13–7)
24 Penn (12–5)
25 Yale (14–4)

Regular season[edit]

Conference winners and tournaments[edit]

Conference Regular
Season Winner[4]
Player of the Year
Venue (City)
Big Six Conference Iowa State None Selected No Tournament
Big Ten Conference Iowa None Selected No Tournament
Border Conference New Mexico None Selected No Tournament
Eastern Intercollegiate League Penn None Selected No Tournament
Missouri Valley Conference Oklahoma A&M None Selected No Tournament
Mountain States Conference Utah None Selected No Tournament
Pacific Coast Conference Oregon None Selected No Tournament
Rocky Mountain Conference Colorado College None Selected No Tournament
Southeastern Conference Kentucky & Tennessee None Selected 1945 SEC Men's Basketball Tournament Louisville Gardens
(Louisville, Kentucky)
Southern Conference South Carolina None Selected 1945 Southern Conference Men's Basketball Tournament Thompson Gym
(Raleigh, North Carolina)
North Carolina
Southwest Conference Rice None Selected No Tournament

Conference standings[edit]

1944–45 Pacific Coast Conference men's basketball standings
Conf     Overall
Team W   L   PCT     W   L   PCT
Oregon 11 5   .688     30 15   .667
Washington State 11 5   .688     23 13   .639
Oregon State 10 6   .625     20 8   .714
Washington 5 11   .313     22 18   .550
Idaho 3 13   .188     13 20   .394
UCLA 3 1   .750     12 12   .500
USC 2 2   .500     15 9   .625
California 1 3   .250     7 8   .467
Rankings from AP Poll

Statistical leaders[edit]

  • Scoring leaderGeorge Mikan averaged 23.3 points per game and was retroactively declared the "unofficial" season scoring leader. Between 1935–36 and 1946–47, there were no official NCAA scoring champions. The statistics during that era were compiled from the National Basketball Committee Official Basketball Guide, which was not regulated by NCAA authorities. Therefore, those players are included in the annual NCAA men's basketball media guide, but are listed as unofficial season scoring leaders.[5] No other personal statistics were tracked during the 1944–45 basketball season.

Award winners[edit]

Consensus All-American teams[edit]

Consensus First Team
Player Position Class Team
Arnie Ferrin F Sophomore Utah
Wyndol Gray F Junior Bowling Green
William Hassett G Junior Notre Dame
Bill Henry C Senior Rice
Walt Kirk G/F Junior Illinois
Bob Kurland C Junior Oklahoma A&M
George Mikan C Junior DePaul

Consensus Second Team
Player Position Class Team
Howie Dallmar F Junior Pennsylvania
Don Grate G Senior Ohio State
Dale Hall F Senior Army
Vince Hanson C Sophomore Washington State
Dick Ives F Sophomore Iowa
Max Morris F Senior Northwestern
Herb Wilkinson G Sophomore Iowa

Major player of the year awards[edit]

Other major awards[edit]


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