1945 Broadway Consolidated Liberator crash

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1945 Devon Consolidated Liberator crash
329th Bombardment Squadron - B-24 Liberator.jpg
A B-24 Liberator similar to the accident aircraft
Date22 November 1945 (1945-11-22)
SummaryBroadway Pound, Somerset, England
Aircraft typeConsolidated Liberator C Mk VIII
Operator53 Squadron, Royal Air Force
Flight originRAF Merryfield

The 1945 Broadway Consolidated Liberator crash occurred on 22 November 1945 when a Royal Air Force Consolidated Liberator C Mk VIII transport crashed shortly after take-off from RAF Merryfield with the loss of all 27 on board.[1]

The Liberator (serial number KH126) was being operated by 53 Squadron on a trooping flight from RAF Merryfield to India.[1][2] It failed to gain enough height to clear a hill. It struck a tree and crashed at White's Farm near Broadway Pound, six miles from the airfield.[1] It burst into flames with the loss of the five-man crew (all but one Polish) and 22 Army passengers.[1]

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