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1945 in New Zealand
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A census was held in September 1945. This was a year earlier than the established pattern, to make up for the lack of a census in 1941 due to World War II, and so that an electoral redistribution (the first for ten years) could be done before the 1946 election.

Male Female Total
Usually resident population 830,385
Overseas Visitors 2,451 768 3,222
Total 832,908 869,421 1,702,329
  • Estimated population as of 31 December: 1,727,800 [1]
  • Increase since previous 31/12/1944: 51,500 (3.07%)
  • Males per 100 females: 98.1
  • Large increase is due to demobilisation of New Zealanders from military service overseas.


Regal and viceregal[edit]


The 27th New Zealand Parliament continued, with the Labour Party in government.

Parliamentary opposition[edit]

Main centre leaders[edit]


1945; Air Vice Marshal Leonard M. Isitt, representing New Zealand, accepts the Japanese surrender

Arts and literature[edit]

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National Champions (Postal Shoot) [4]


  • Lionel Fox wins his first national title in the men's marathon, clocking 2:54:09.2 in Wellington.


  • The 52nd National Chess Championship was held in Auckland, and was won by R.G. Wade of Wellington (his 2nd win).[5]


Horse racing[edit]

Harness racing[edit]

Rugby union[edit]

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Rugby league[edit]

New Zealand national rugby league team


  • The Chatham Cup is won by Western of Christchurch who beat Wellington Marist 4—3 in the final.[8]
  • Provincial league champions: [9]
    • Auckland: Philomel
    • Canterbury: Western
    • Hawke's Bay: Napier HSOB
    • Nelson: RNZAF
    • Otago: Mosgiel
    • South Canterbury: No competition
    • Southland: No competition
    • Taranaki: Old Boys
    • Waikato: Rotowaro
    • Wanganui: No competition
    • Wellington: Wellington Marist



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