1946–47 French Rugby Union Championship

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1946–47 French Rugby Union Championship
Countries France
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The 1946-47 French Rugby Union Championship of first division was contested by 64 clubs divided in 16 pools. The eight first pools qualified 24 clubs for next phase . Eight other club were qualified from other eight pools.

The thirty-two teams qualified play the second round with eight pools of four. The two better were qualified to play the "Last 16" phase.

The Championship was won by Toulouse that beat Agen in the final, played on the ground of Stade Toulousain.


The 1947 Five Nations Championship was won by Wales and by Ireland.

The "Coupe de France" was won by Toulouse that beat the Montferrand in the final.

Phase de qualification[edit]

In bold the qualified for "last 16" phase.

Poule A[edit]

Poule B[edit]

Poule C[edit]

Poule D[edit]

Poule E[edit]

Poule F[edit]

Poule G[edit]

Poule H[edit]

Last 16[edit]

In bold the clubs qualified for the quarter of finals.

Toulouse - Toulon 16 - 3
Romans - Perpignan 7 - 0
Montferrand - Biarritz 13 - 3
Lourdes - Tyrosse 10 - 8
Agen - Vichy 6 - 0
Castres - Stadoceste 19 - 0
Paris Université Club - Montauban 3 - 0
Soustons - Vienne 10 - 3

Quarter of finals[edit]

In bold the clubs qualified for the semifinals.

Toulouse - Romans 3 - 0
Montferrand - Lourdes 7 - 5
Agen - Castres 8 - 0
Paris Université Club - Soustons -



mar. 1947 Toulouse - Montferrand 24 - 0
mar. 1947 Agen - Paris Université Club 25 - 3


Teams Toulouse - Agen
Score 10-3
Date 13 April 1947
Venue Stade des Ponts-Jumeaux de Toulouse
Referee Maurice Delmas
Toulouse Jacques Larzabal, Félix Lopez, Henri Jolivet, Jean Gaulène, Emile Fabre, Robert Barran, Albert Caraguel, Yves Noé, Yves Bergougnan, Roger Baque, François Sanchez, Pierre Gaussens, André Brouat, Henri Dutrain, André Melet
Agen Roger Bonnet, Jean Clavé, Emile Béziat, Albert Ferrasse, Robert Landes, Guy Basquet, Jacques Gomis, Fernand Ferria, Albert Gommes, Camille Bonnet, Pierre Genestine, Georges Bernadeau, Joseph Carabignac, Michel Pomathios, Félix Martin
Toulouse 1 try Caraguet
1 drop and 1 penalty de Bergougnan
Agen 1 try Féria

Note the presence of Albert Ferrasse and Guy Basquet: both will be future president and vice-president of French Rugby Federation.

Guy Basquet, ended the match after a compromise. He was sent off by referee after a very bad fault, but after the protests of Agen player and managers, a federal manager, propose a temporary suspension.

Temporary suspension that was officially introduced only six decades after.

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