1946 Grand Prix season

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1946 Grand Prix season
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The 1946 Grand Prix season was the first post-war year for Grand Prix racing. It was notable for including the first ever Formula One race. Raymond Sommer proved to be the most successful driver, winning five Grands Prix. Maserati's cars proved difficult to beat, winning 9 of the season's 20 Grands Prix.

Season review[edit]

Grands Prix[edit]

Note that a new Italian flag was adopted on 1 January 1948.

Date Name Circuit Winning driver Winning
22 April France Nice Grand Prix Nice Italy Luigi Villoresi Maserati Report
12 May France Marseille Grand Prix Prado France Raymond Sommer Maserati Report
19 May France Forez Grand Prix St Just-Andrezieux France Raymond Sommer Maserati Report
30 May France Paris Cup Bois de Boulogne France Jean-Pierre Wimille Alfa Romeo Report
9 June Belgium Grand Prix des Frontières Chimay United Kingdom Leslie Brooke ERA Report
9 June France René le Bègue Cup Saint-Cloud France Raymond Sommer Maserati Report
15 June United Kingdom Gransden Lodge Gransden Lodge Airfield United Kingdom George Abecassis Bugatti Report
30 June France Roussillon Grand Prix Perpignan France Jean-Pierre Wimille Alfa Romeo Report
7 July France Burgundy Grand Prix Dijon France Jean-Pierre Wimille Alfa Romeo Report
14 July France Albi Grand Prix Albi Italy Tazio Nuvolari Maserati Report
21 July Switzerland Nations Grand Prix Geneva Italy Giuseppe Farina Alfa Romeo Report
28 July France Nantes Grand Prix Nantes France "Raph" Maserati Report
10 August United Kingdom Ulster Trophy Ballyclare Thailand Prince Bira ERA Report
25 August France Circuit des Trois Villes Lille France Raymond Sommer Maserati Report
France Henri Louveau
1 September Italy Turin Grand Prix Valentino Park Italy Achille Varzi Alfa Romeo Report
29 September Italy Milan Grand Prix Sempione Park Italy Carlo Felice Trossi Alfa Romeo Report
6 October France Coupe du Salon Bois de Boulogne France Raymond Sommer Maserati Report
6 October Brazil Gávea Circuit Race Gávea Brazil Chico Landi Alfa Romeo Report
27 October Spain Penya Rhin Grand Prix Pedralbes Italy Giorgio Pelassa Maserati Report
15 December Portugal Boa Vista Grand Prix Circuito da Boavista Brazil Chico Landi Alfa Romeo Report


Grand Prix winners[edit]


Driver Wins
France Raymond Sommer 5
France Jean-Pierre Wimille 3
Brazil Chico Landi 2
United Kingdom George Abecassis 1
France "Raph" 1
Thailand Prince Bira 1
United Kingdom Leslie Brooke 1
Italy Giuseppe Farina 1
France Henri Louveau 1
Italy Tazio Nuvolari 1
Italy Giorgio Pelassa 1
Italy Carlo Felice Trossi 1
Italy Achille Varzi 1
Italy Luigi Villoresi 1


Manufacturer Wins
Italy Maserati 9
Italy Alfa Romeo 8
United Kingdom ERA 2
France Bugatti 1