1946 Uruguayan constitutional referendum

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A constitutional referendum was held in Uruguay on 24 November 1946, alongside general elections.[1] Two options for amending the constitution were put to voters, but both were rejected.


Two proposals for amending the constitution were put to voters. Proposal 1 was put forward by the Battlismo faction of the Colorado Party and the Independent National Party, and would allow government initiatives to be approved by two-fifths of members of the Chamber of Deputies, would bring back the Colegiado system of government, and separate election dates.[1] Proposal 2 was put forward by the Civic Union, and would allow referendums to be held on constitutional changes if 10% of registered voters signed a petition, would allow for the separate election of the President and Vice President, and also scrap the lema system.[1]


Choice Votes %
Initiative 1 289,101 43.14
Initiative 2 252,353 37.65
Against both 128,775 19.21
Total 670,229 100
Registered voters/turnout 993,892 67.43
Source: Direct Democracy