1947 BAA draft

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1947 BAA draft
General information
Date(s)July 1, 1947
LocationDetroit, Michigan
80 total selections in 10 rounds
First selectionClifton McNeely, Pittsburgh Ironmen
1948 →

The 1947 BAA draft was the inaugural draft of the Basketball Association of America (BAA), which later became the National Basketball Association (NBA). The fledgling BAA held a joint draft with the established National Basketball League (NBL). Both leagues wanted to control salaries by stamping out competitive bidding by assigning exclusive rights to the team selecting a player. The NBL had already signed 11 players, whom they did not feel should be exposed to the draft. The players included college stars Jack Smiley, Ralph Hamilton, Harry Boykoff, John Hargis, Frank Brian, and Charlie Black. As a trade-off, the BAA teams were allowed to select players before the NBL.[1]

The draft was held on July 1, 1947, before the 1947–48 season. The nine remaining BAA teams along with the Baltimore Bullets who joined from the American Basketball League, took turns selecting amateur U.S. college basketball players. In the first round of the draft, the teams select in reverse order of their win–loss record in the previous season, while the Bullets were assigned the tenth pick, the last pick of the first round. Both the Pittsburgh Ironmen and Toronto Huskies participated in this draft, but they folded before the season opened.

Draft selections and draftee career notes[edit]

The first selection of the draft, Clifton McNeely from Texas Wesleyan University, did not play in the BAA. Instead, McNeely opted for a high school coaching career in Texas.[2] The fourth pick, Walt Dropo, also did not play in the BAA and opted for a professional baseball career instead, eventually playing 13 seasons in the Major League Baseball (MLB).[3][4] The 7th and 10th pick, Jack Underman and Larry Killick, were also never played in the BAA. Three players from this draft, Harry Gallatin, Andy Phillip and Jim Pollard, have been inducted to the Basketball Hall of Fame.[5]


Pos. G F C
Position Guard Forward Center
^ Denotes player who has been inducted to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame
* Denotes player who has been selected for at least one All-Star Game and All-NBA Team
+ Denotes player who has been selected for at least one All-Star Game
# Denotes player who has never appeared in an NBA regular season or playoff game


Round Pick Player Position Team College
1 1 Clifton McNeely# F Pittsburgh Ironmen Texas Wesleyan[6]
1 2 Glen Selbo G/F Toronto Huskies Wisconsin
1 3 Bulbs Ehlers G/F Boston Celtics Purdue
1 4 Walt Dropo# Providence Steamrollers Connecticut
1 5 Dick Holub C New York Knicks Long Island
1 6 Chink Crossin G Philadelphia Warriors Pennsylvania
1 7 Jack Underman# St. Louis Bombers Ohio State
1 8 Paul Huston F Chicago Stags Ohio State
1 9 Dick O'Keefe G/F Washington Capitols Santa Clara
1 10 Larry Killick# Baltimore Bullets Vermont

Other picks[edit]

The following list includes other draft picks who have appeared in at least one BAA/NBA game.[7][8]

Round Pick Player Position Team College
2 13 Hank Biasatti G Boston Celtics Long Island
8 69 Paul Cloyd G/F Washington Capitols Wisconsin
3 28 Jimmy Darden G Chicago Stags Denver
6 53 Andy Duncan F/C New York Knicks William & Mary
4 33 Johnny Ezersky G/F Boston Celtics Rhode Island State
8 70 Elmer Gainer F/C Baltimore Bullets DePaul
4 40 Harry Gallatin^ F/C Baltimore Bullets Northeast Missouri
5 43 Jack Hewson F/C Boston Celtics Temple
5 42 Paul Hoffman G/F Toronto Huskies Purdue
2 14 Bob Hubbard F/C Providence Steamrollers Springfield
5 45 Ron Livingstone C New York Knicks University of Wyoming
9 74 John Mandic F/C Washington Capitols Oregon State
7 63 Saul Mariaschin G Washington Capitols Harvard
7 61 Wataru Misaka G New York Knicks Utah
2 11 Fritz Nagy G/F Pittsburgh Ironmen Akron
6 54 Paul Napolitano G/F St. Louis Bombers San Francisco
5 47 Andy Phillip^ G/F Chicago Stags Illinois
7 62 Jim Pollard^ F/C Chicago Stags Stanford
9 75 Chick Reiser G/F Baltimore Bullets NYU
2 12 Red Rocha+ F/C Toronto Huskies Oregon State
6 56 Irv Rothenberg C Washington Capitols Long Island
2 18 Ben Schadler F Chicago Stags Northwestern
8 68 Don Smith G/F Chicago Stags Minnesota
3 23 Gene Stump G/F Boston Celtics DePaul
2 19 Jack Tingle F Washington Capitols Kentucky
4 38 Gene Vance G/F Chicago Stags Illinois
5 48 Matt Zunic G/F Washington Capitols George Washington

Notable undrafted players[edit]

These players were not selected in the 1947 draft, but played at least one game in the NBA.

Player Position College
Don Barksdale^ F/C UCLA
Charles B. Black F/C Kansas
Jake Bornheimer F/C Muhlenberg
Carl Braun^ G Colgate
Fran Curran G Notre Dame
Jack Dwan F/G Loyola (IL)
Hoot Gibson F/C Creighton
Ralph Hamilton G/F Indiana
Doug Holcomb F Wisconsin
Walt Kirk G Illinois
Ray Kuka F Montana State
Fred Paine F Westminster (PA)
Les Pugh F/C Ohio State
Ray Ramsey G/F Bradley
Lee Robbins F Colorado
Gene Rock G USC
Jack Rocker F/C California
Jack Smiley F/G Illinois
Jim Springer C Canterbury


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