1947 Little League World Series

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1947 Little League World Series
Teams participating 12
Champion Pennsylvania Maynard League
Runner-up Pennsylvania Lock Haven

The 1947 Little League World Series took place in August 1947, when the first Little League World Series of Baseball was played at Williamsport, Pennsylvania. The Maynard Midgets of Williamsport, Pennsylvania defeated the Lock Haven All Stars of Lock Haven, Pennsylvania 16–7 to win the championship.

In 1947, the board of directors for the original Little League decided to organize a tournament for the 17 known Little League programs.[1] The fields on which the games were played are between the street and a levee built to protect the town from the West Branch Susquehanna River.[2] That levee provided most of the seating for the inaugural series' attendees.[3] Although the Little League World Series has now moved to a stadium in South Williamsport, it's still possible to play baseball on the original field.[4]

The inaugural series was important in history in that it was integrated at a time when professional baseball was still integrating.[5] More than 2,500 spectators enjoyed the final game, which helped to increase the League's overall publicity.[1]



Game Winning Team Losing Team Score
Game 1 Original League Sunday School League 15–0
Game 2 Lincoln League Montoursville, PA 8–2
Game 3 Brandon League Montgomery, PA 14–2
Game 4 Maynard League Jersey Shore, PA 8–1
Game 5 Hammonton, NJ Milton, PA 6–4
Game 6 Lock Haven, PA Perry County, PA 8–6
Game 7 Lincoln League Original League 7–4
Game 8 Maynard League Brandon League 10–4
Game 9 Lock Haven, PA Hammonton, NJ 5–1
Game 10 Maynard League Lincoln League 2–1
Championship Maynard League Lock Haven, PA 16–7



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