1947 Palestine Cup

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1947 Palestine Cup
Country  Palestine, British Mandate
Defending champions Maccabi Tel Aviv
Champions Maccabi Tel Aviv
(6th title)
Runners-up Beitar Tel Aviv

The 1947 Palestine Cup (Hebrew: הגביע הארץ-ישראלי‎‎, HaGvia HaEretz-Israeli) was the fifteenth season of Israeli Football Association's nationwide football cup competition, and the last competed before the declaration of independence of Israel.

The competition reverted to its previous format, of each round decided with a single match. Maccabi Tel Aviv and Beitar Tel Aviv met at a tempestuous final, which was abandoned at the 88th minute, with Maccabi leading 3–2. After Beitar claimed scoring an equalising goal, which wasn't given, the crowd stormed the pitch and Beitar player Yom-Tov Menasherov took the cup and escaped the pitch with it undetected by the authorities.


First round[edit]

Home Team Score Away Team
Maccabi Nes Tziona 5–3 Maccabi Haifa
Hapoel Hadera 4–5 Maccabi Rishon LeZion
Maccabi Ramat Gan 1–6 Hapoel HaTzafon Tel Aviv
Maccabi Netanya 6–3 Beitar Netanya
Hapoel Jerusalem w/o Beitar Ramat Gan
Hapoel Rishon LeZion 4–3 Beitar Jerusalem
Maccabi Hadera 3–3 (a.e.t.) Hakoah Tel Aviv
S.C. Atlit w/o Hapoel Netanya


Home Team Score Away Team
Hakoah Tel Aviv 4–2 Maccabi Hadera

Second round[edit]

Home Team Score Away Team
Beitar Tel Aviv 4–0 Hapoel Rishon LeZion
Maccabi Tel Aviv 5–0 S.C. Atlit
Hapoel HaTzafon Tel Aviv 2–1 Hakoah Tel Aviv
Maccabi Rishon LeZion 0–1 (a.e.t.) Hapoel Petah Tikva
Maccabi Avshalom Petah Tikva 4–1 Hapoel Tel Aviv
Hapoel Haifa 2–3 Maccabi Rehovot
Hapoel Ramat Gan 4–2 Maccabi Netanya
Hapoel Jerusalem 1–3 Maccabi Nes Tziona


Home Team Score Away Team
Beitar Tel Aviv 6–1 Hapoel HaTzafon Tel Aviv
Maccabi Tel Aviv 5–0 Hapoel Ramat Gan
Maccabi Nes Tziona 2–4 Maccabi Avshalom Petah Tikva
Maccabi Rehovot 2–2 (a.e.t.) Hapoel Petah Tikva


Home Team Score Away Team
Hapoel Petah Tikva 2–1 Maccabi Rehovot


Home Team Score Away Team
Beitar Tel Aviv 2–0 Hapoel Petah Tikva
Maccabi Tel Aviv 3–2 Maccabi Avshalom Petah Tikva


28 June 1947
Maccabi Tel Aviv 3–0 (f)
Orig. 3–2
(abandoned '88)
Beitar Tel Aviv
Merimovich Goal 23'64'
Glazer Goal 56'
Panz Goal 57'
Elfasi Goal 78'
Maccabiah Stadium
Attendance: 15,000-25,000
Referee: Yon


  • 100 Years of Football 1906-2006, Elisha Shohat (Israel), 2006

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