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List of years in music (table)
Musicians including Thelonious Monk and Roy Eldridge in New York City in 1947

This is a list of notable events in music that took place in the year 1947.


Albums released[edit]

Biggest hit songs[edit]

The following songs achieved the highest chart positions in the limited set of charts available for 1947.

# Artist Title Year Country Chart Entries
1 Francis Craig Near You 1947 United States US 1940s 1 – Sep 1947, US 1 for 12 weeks Sep 1947, US BB 6 of 1947, POP 14 of 1947, Europe 85 of the 1940s, RIAA 355
2 James Baskett Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah 1947 United States US BB 1 of 1947, Oscar in 1947, POP 1 of 1947, AFI 47
3 Vaughn Monroe Ballerina 1947 United States US 1940s 1 – Nov 1947, US 1 for 10 weeks Dec 1947, US BB 7 of 1947, POP 7 of 1947, Europe 56 of the 1940s
4 Ted Weems Heartaches 1947 United States US 1940s 1 – Mar 1947, US 1 for 12 weeks Mar 1947, US BB 11 of 1947, POP 20 of 1947
5 Perry Como Chi-Baba, Chi-Baba (My Bambino Go to Sleep) 1947 United States US 1940s 1 – Jun 1947, US 1 for 3 weeks Jun 1947, US BB 13 of 1947, POP 21 of 1947

Top hit records[edit]

Published popular music[edit]

Classical music[edit]


Sortable table
Composer Composition Date Location Performers
Arnold, Malcolm Symphony for Strings 1947-04-29 United Kingdom London Riddick String OrchestraRiddick [2]
Barber, Samuel Suite from Medea 1947-12-05 United States Philadelphia Philadelphia OrchestraOrmandy [3]
Boulez, Pierre Flute Sonatina 1947-02-28 Belgium Brussels Van Boterdael, Mercenier [4]
Britten, Benjamin Canticle I: My Beloved is Mine and I am His 1947-11-01 United Kingdom London Pears, Britten [5]
Carter, Elliott Piano Sonata 1947-03-05 1 United States New York City Sykes [6]
Cerha, Friedrich Märchenland, pieces for piano 1947-02-25 Austria Vienna Schnürl [7]
Chagrin, Francis Prelude and Fugue for Orchestra 1947-09-02 United Kingdom London (Proms) London PhilharmonicCameron [8]
Copland, Aaron In the Beginning 1947-05-02 United States Cambridge, MA Tangeman / Harvard University ChoirShaw [9]
Dallapiccola, Luigi Liriche Greche I: Cinque Frammenti di Saffo (1942) 1947-07-07 Italy Turin László / [unknown ensemble] – Caracciolo [10]
Dallapiccola, Luigi Two Etudes for Violin and Piano 1947-04-28 Switzerland Basel Materassi, Dallapiccola [11]
Dallapiccola, Luigi Two Pieces for Orchestra 1947-11-03 United Kingdom London Turin Radio SymphonyRossi [12]
Duruflé, Maurice Requiem 1947-11-02 France Paris Bouvier, Mauranne / French National Radio Symphony Orchestra and ChoirDésormière [13]
Engelmann, Hans Ulrich Violin Sonata 1947-07-27 Allied-occupied Germany Darmstadt (Ferienkurse) Seitz, Baer [14]
Englund, Einar War Symphony (Symphony No. 1) 1947-01-17 Finland Helsinki Helsinki PhilharmonicFuntek [15]
Fortner, Wolfgang Shakespeare-Songs 1947-07-25 Allied-occupied Germany Darmstadt (Ferienkurse) Baum, Roloff [14]
Foss, Lukas Song of Songs 1947-03-07 United States Boston Boston SymphonyKoussevitzky [16]
Ginastera, Alberto Duo for Flute and Oboe 1947-02-23 United States New York City Smith, Wann [17]
Ginastera, Alberto Hieremiae Prophetae Lamentationes 1947-07-21 Argentina Buenos Aires Lagun Onak ChoirCastro [18]
Ginastera, Alberto Pampeana No. 1, for violin and piano 1947-02-23 United States New York City De Conte, Tosar [19]
Ginastera, Alberto Suite de danzas criollas 1947-07-26 Argentina Buenos Aires Firkusny [20]
Hartmann, Karl Amadeus China Kampft, overture 1947-07-27 Allied-occupied Germany Darmstadt (Ferienkurse) Landestheater OrchestraScherchen [14]
Heiss, Hermann Inventions for Violin and Cello 1947-07-12 Allied-occupied Germany Darmstadt (Ferienkurse) Müller-Gündner, Day [14]
Heiss, Hermann Lieder der Liebe 1947-07-13 Allied-occupied Germany Darmstadt (Ferienkurse) U. Heiss, H. Heiss [14]
Henze, Hans Wener Flute Sonatina 1947-07-27 Allied-occupied Germany Darmstadt (Ferienkurse) Redel, Roloff [21]
Henze, Hans Werner Concertino for Piano, Winds and Percussion 1947-10-15 Allied-occupied Germany Baden-Baden SWF SymphonyEgk [22]
Henze, Hans Werner String Quartet No. 1 1947-04-?? Allied-occupied Germany Heidelberg Freund Quartet [23]
Honegger, Arthur Deliciae basiliensis (Symphony No. 4) 1947-01-21 Switzerland Basel Basel Chamber OrchestraSacher [24]
Jacob, Gordon Bassoon Concerto 1947-08-20 United Kingdom London (Proms) Camden / BBC SymphonyBoult [8]
Jolivet, André Piano Sonata No. 1 1947-01-27 France Paris Grimaud [25]
Jolivet, André Psyché, symphonic mouvement 1947-03-05 Belgium Brussels [unknown orchestra] – André [26]
Khachaturian, Aram Symphony-Poem (Symphony No. 3) 1947-12-13 Soviet Union Leningrad Leningrad PhilharmonicMravinsky [27]
Korngold, Erich Wolfgang Violin Concerto 1947-02-15 United States St. Louis Heifetz / St. Louis SymphonyGolschmann [28]
Krenek, Ernst Symphony No. 4 1947-11-27 United States New York City New York PhilharmonicMitropoulos [29]
Lewis, Anthony Elegy and Capriccio for Trumpet and Orchestra 1947-08-01 United Kingdom London (Proms) Eskdale / London SymphonySargent [8]
Liebermann, Rolf Furioso 1947-07-27 Allied-occupied Germany Darmstadt (Ferienkurse) Landestheater OrchestraScherchen [14]
Maderna, Bruno Introduzione e Passacaglia "Lauda Sion Salvatorem" 1947-04-03 Italy Florence Florence Communal Theatre Symphony – Maderna [30]
Malipiero, Gian Francesco Sinfonia concertante in eco (Symphony No. 5) 1947-11-03 United Kingdom London [unknown performers] [31]
Martinu, Bohuslav Symphony No. 5 1947-05-28 Czechoslovakia Prague (Spring) Czech PhilharmonicKubelik[32]
Martinu, Bohuslav Toccata e due canzoni 1947-01-21 Switzerland Basel Basel Chamber OrchestraSacher [33]
Myaskovsky, Nikolai Pathetic Overture 1947-10-19 Soviet Union Moscow USSR State SymphonyGauk [34]
Myaskovsky, Nikolai String Quartet No. 12 1947-11-30 Soviet Union Moscow Beethoven Quartet [35]
Myaskovsky, Nikolai The Kremlin at Night, cantata-nocturne 1947-11-15 Soviet Union Moscow Moscow Conservatory Symphony Orchestra and ChoirAnosov [35]
Persichetti, Vincent Symphony No. 3 1947-11-21 United States Philadelphia Philadelphia OrchestraOrmandy [3]
Prokofiev, Sergei Symphony No. 6 1947-10-11 Soviet Union Leningrad Leningrad PhilharmonicMravinsky [36]
Schoenberg, Arnold String Trio 1947-05-01 United States Cambridge, MA Members of the Walden Quartet [37]
Sessions, Roger Symphony No. 2 1947-01-09 United States San Francisco San Francisco SymphonyMonteux [38]
Sessions, Roger Violin Concerto (1935) 1947-11-14 United States Minneapolis Krasner / Minneapolis SymphonyMitropoulos [39]
Stravinsky, Igor Concerto in D for strings 1947-01-27 Switzerland Basel Basel Chamber OrchestraSacher [40]
Villa-Lobos, Heitor Bachianas brasileiras No. 8 (1944) 1947-08-06 Italy Rome Santa Cecilia Academy Orchestra – Villa-Lobos [41]
Walton, William String Quartet No. 2 1947-05-04 United Kingdom London Blech Quartet [42]
Webern, Anton Five Canons on Latin Texts for soprano and two clarinets 1947-06-18 Austria Vienna Setingruber, Wildgans, Bartosek [43]
Zimbalist, Efrem Violin Concerto 1947-11-28 United States Philadelphia Philadelphia OrchestraOrmandy [3]
Zimmermann, Bernd Alois Concerto for Orchestra 1947-09-22 Allied-occupied Germany Cologne Gürzenich OrchestraWand [44]
Zimmermann, Bernd Alois Sinfonia prosodica 1947-09-09 Allied-occupied Germany Mönchengladbach Vestisches SinfonieDecker [45]

1 Concert premiere. The Sonata was recorded by Webster Aiken for a radio broadcast one month earlier, on February 7.[6]



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