1948 Puerto Rican general election

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General elections were held in Puerto Rico on 2 November 1948,[1] which included the first-ever elections for the position of governor, who had previously been appointed by the President of the United States. Luis Muñoz Marín of the Popular Democratic Party won the gubernatorial elections with 61.2% of the vote, becoming the first ever popularly elected governor of Puerto Rico.[2]



Candidate Party Votes %
Luis Muñoz Marín Popular Democratic Party 392,386 61.2
Martín Travieso PEP-PS-PRP 182,977 28.6
Francisco Susoni Puerto Rican Independence Party 65,351 10.2
Invalid/blank votes
Total 640,714 100
Registered voters/turnout 873,085
Source: Nohlen


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