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1948 in jazz
Sylvia Syms Jazz Singer.jpg
Sylvia Syms and Bob Wyatt, New York, N.Y.
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Music 1948 in music
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1948 in jazz[edit]

This is a timeline documenting events of Jazz in the year 1948.

The Nice Jazz Festival held annually since February 25, 1948 in Nice, on the French Riviera. Also in 1948, Louis Armstrong formed the first version of the Jazz All Stars with Jack Teagarden on trombone, Barney Bigard on clarinet, Dick Carey on piano, Sid Catlett on drums and Arvell Shaw on bass. Their music fits in with New Orleans revival. Louis Armstrong performed at the Jazz festival in 1948, where Suzy Delair sang "C'est si bon" by Henri Betti and André Hornez for the first time in public.



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Barbara Hendricks at The Hague Jazz Festival 2008


Theo Jörgensmann at "Kulturhalle Jülchendorf", Germany 2009

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