1949–50 Serie C

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The 1949–50 Serie C was the twelfth edition of Serie C, the third highest league in the Italian football league system.

To reduce the groups into an 18-team formula, additional relegations were added during the season. However, the plan was later partially postponed.


Promoted Relegated


  1. ^ Renounced to play the promotion tie-breaker.
  2. ^ Relegated after tie-breaker (Luino-Pro Vercelli 1-0), but later readmitted for sport merits.
  3. ^ Relegated after tie-breakers: Luparense-Pro Gorizia 1-1; Pro Gorizia-Mestrina 1-1; Mestrina-Luparense 2-0
  4. ^ a b c Relegated and later readmitted to Serie C.
  5. ^ a b 1 point deducted.
  6. ^ Promoted after tie-breaker: Messina-Cosenza 1-1; repetition: 6-1