1949 National Challenge Cup

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The 1949 National Challenge Cup was the largest soccer tournament in the United States in 1949. The four St. Louis Soccer League teams withdrew from the competition citing "a succession of unpleasant experiences connected with the playing of the National Challenge Cup."[1] The St.L league teams were upset about financial losses totaling $2300 from the previous season's tournament. The announcement of the withdrawal came a week and a half after Brookhattan-Galicia stuck Simpkins with a $1550 airline bill following the 1948 championship game hosted by the Simpkins. The remaining St. Louis representatives were the four amateur Municipal League entrants. With the defending champions out of the running Morgan Strasser stepped in as contenders by winning their way to the final four. Despite losing the first legs in both the semifinal and final the Morgans pulled out 4-3 aggregate wins to become 1949 U.S. champions.

Eastern Division[edit]

Round of 16Quarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
January 23
Brooklyn Hispano1
February 13
Brooklyn Hispano1
Newark Germans0
Kearny Celtic2
March 20
Newark Germans3
Brooklyn Hispano1
Philadelphia Nationals2
Philadelphia Nationals3
March 6
Kensington Quoits0
Philadelphia Nationals3
Elizabeth S.C.2
Elizabeth S.C.4
April 24
Trenton Americans2
Philadelphia Nationals5
February 13
New York SC1
S.C. Eintracht4
Brooklyn Hakoah0
S.C. Eintracht1
February 13, 20
New York SC2
New York SC2-1
New York SC3
Gremio Lusitano1
New Bedford1
March 13
Ponta Delgada2
Ponta Delgada0
Gremio Lusitano2
Gremio Lusitano1-2

Western Division[edit]

Round of 16Quarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
February 27
Chicago Vikings6
March 27
GIAC Maroons3
Chicago Vikings0
February 27/March 13
Polish American2
Chicago Slovak2-1
April 10 - Chicago
Polish American2-2
Polish American5
Zenthoefer Furs1
Alpine Sportswear
March 26
Alpine Sportswear0
Zenthoefer Furs5
Plaza Amusement0
April 24/May 8
Zenthoefer Furs4
Polish American3-0
Morgan SC2-2
Rochester Thistles3
February 20
Rochester Thistles1
Morgan SC4
Morgan SC3
Castle Shannon 22
Morgan SC3
February 13
Cecil French0
West Newton Moose4
March 6
Moon Run3
West Newton Moose1
February 13
Cecil French3
Castle Shannon 10
Cecil French2


Philadelphia Nationals (ASL)1–0Morgan SC (KL)
Nick Kropfelder (Report)
Referee: J. Cahill (USA)
Morgan SC (KL)4–2Philadelphia Nationals (ASL)
23' Gustave Teyssier
Nicholas DiOrio
Albert Innarelli
Gustave Teyssier
(Report) 35' John Sullivan (penalty)
Nick Kropfelder
Bridgeville Park Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Attendance: 1000
Referee: Sam Galin (New York)

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