1949 Ostzonenmeisterschaft

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The Ostzonenmeisterschaft 1949 (English: Championship of the Eastern Zone) was the second association football championship in what was to become East Germany. As in the previous season, it was played in a one-leg knock-out format with ten participating teams. Each of the five LänderMecklenburg-Vorpommern, Brandenburg, Saxony, Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt—sent two representatives. Unlike the previous season, none of the regional championships was ended early, even if the participants for the championship had already been determined. Last year's winner SG Planitz did not qualify, but finalists SG Freiimfelde Halle – renamed ZSG Union Halle – reached the final again, this time beating Fortuna Erfurt to win their first championship.

Teams qualified for the play-offs[edit]

Club Qualified as
SG Friedrichstadt Champions of Saxony
SG Meerane Saxony runners-up
SG Fortuna Erfurt Champions of Thuringia
SG Altenburg-Nord Thuringia Runners-up
ZSG Union Halle Champions of Saxony-Anhalt
SG Eintracht Stendal Saxony-Anhalt runners-up
SG Babelsberg Brandenburg champions
SG Franz Mehring Marga Brandenburg runners-up
SG Wismar-Süd Mecklenburg-Vorpommern champions
SG Schwerin Mecklenburg-Vorpommern runners-up


Qualifying round[edit]

8 May 1949
SG Franz Mehring Marga 2–0 SG Schwerin
Attendance: 10,000

8 May 1949
SG Eintracht Stendal 4–3 SG Altenburg-Nord

Quarter finals[edit]

29 May 1949
SG Eintracht Stendal 4–0 Franz Mehring Marga
Attendance: 7,000

29 May 1949
SG Fortuna Erfurt 10–0 SG Wismar Süd
Attendance: 10,000

29 May 1949
SG Meerane 3–2 SG Babelsberg
Attendance: 9,000

29 May 1949
ZSG Union Halle 2–1 SG Friedrichstadt Dresden
Kurt-Wabbel-Stadion, Halle
Attendance: 20,000

Semi finals[edit]

12 Jun 1949
ZSG Union Halle 3–0 SG Eintracht Stendal
Kurt-Wabbel-Stadion, Halle
Attendance: 20,000

12 Jun 1949
SG Fortuna Erfurt 4–3 (a.e.t.) SG Meerane
Großkampfbahn, Chemnitz
Attendance: 25,000


26 June 1949 (1949-06-26)
Union Halle 4–1 Fortuna Erfurt
Report Schmidt Goal 77'
Stadion im Ostragehege, Dresden
Attendance: 50,000
Referee: Gerhard Schulz (Dresden)