1949 Stanley Cup Finals

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1949 Stanley Cup Finals
1234 Total
Toronto Maple Leafs 3*333 4
Detroit Red Wings 2*111 0
* – Denotes overtime period(s)
Location(s)Detroit: Olympia Stadium (1, 2)
Toronto: Maple Leaf Gardens (3, 4)
CoachesToronto: Hap Day
Detroit: Tommy Ivan
CaptainsToronto: Ted Kennedy
Detroit: Sid Abel
DatesApril 8 – April 16
Series-winning goalCal Gardner (19:45, second)

The 1949 Stanley Cup Finals was a best-of-seven series between the Detroit Red Wings and the defending champion Toronto Maple Leafs, the second straight final series between Detroit and Toronto. The Maple Leafs won the series in four straight games to win their third consecutive Stanley Cup and eighth in the history of the franchise.

Paths to the Finals[edit]

Detroit defeated the Montreal Canadiens 4–2 to advance to the finals. Toronto defeated the Boston Bruins 4–1 to advance to the finals.

Game summaries[edit]

The Maple Leafs became the first NHL team to win the Cup in three straight seasons. The Leafs also won nine straight Finals games (beating Montreal in game six of the 1947 Finals, plus consecutive sweeps of the Wings in 1948 and this year). By defeating Detroit, Toronto won the Stanley Cup with a losing record. The only other team to win the Stanley Cup after finishing the regular season with a losing record was the Chicago Black Hawks, who qualified for the 1938 playoffs with a losing record and ultimately beat Toronto in the Cup Finals three games to one.

Toronto won series 4–0

Toronto Maple Leafs 1949 Stanley Cup Champions[edit]



Coaching and administrative staff

  • Conn Smythe (President/Manager/Owner),George McGillach (Vice President)
  • John Murdoch (Vice President), Jack Bickell (Director/Owner)
  • Ed Bickle (Director/Owner), George Walker (Chief Scout)
  • William MacBrien (Chairman/Owner), Tim Daly (Trainer)
  • Clarence Hap Day (Coach)
  • Kerry Day (Mascot)
  • Archie Campbell† (Ass't Trainer), Ed Fitkin† (Publicity Director),
  • Norman Delarue†, Robert Galloway†, Horance MacIntyre† (Team Doctors)

Stanley Cup engraving

  • †The following members were engraved on the original Stanley Cup in 1949, but removed from the Stanley Cup when it was redone during 1957-58 season. Bill Ezinicki† (player-by mistake-played in the finals), Archie Campbell†, Ed Finkin†, Norman Delarue†, Horance MacIntyre†, James Murphy† (non players). There is room for 5 more names to be included on the cup.
  • 20 Tod Sloan†† name was not included on the cup in 1949, but was included on the team picture. Sloan only played 29 games, and did not play in the playoffs. Sloan name was engraved on the cup in 1951, 1961.
  • William A.H. MacBrien's last name was spelt wrong. W.A.H. MacBRIAN with an "E" instead of an "A". Mistake was corrected on the Replica Cup created in 1992–93.

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References and notes[edit]

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