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List of years in South Africa


  • 29 – South Africa introduces its apartheid policy.
  • 30 – Ben Schoeman announces in Johannesburg that the NP would carry the apartheid policy through "notwithstanding what serious economic problems it might cause".
Unknown date
  • The University of Pretoria establishes the Graduate School of Management (GSM), the first MBA programme to be launched outside of North America.[1]
  • The South African Post Office begins to force Europeans and non-Europeans to stand in separate queues in post offices and serve them at different counters.
  • Zulus riot against Indian-owned businesses in Durban.



  • 4 May – Hendrik Adolph Mulder, poet and Afrikaans literary critic.



  • The South African Railways places the first of one hundred Class 24 2-8-4 Berkshire type branchline steam locomotives in service, most of them on the South West Africa System.[2][3][4]


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