1950 Albanian Cup

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1950 Albanian Cup
Country  Albania
Champions Dinamo Tirana
Runners-up KF Partizani

1950 Albanian Cup (Albanian: Kupa e Shqipërisë) was the fourth season of Albania's annual cup competition. It began in Spring 1950 with the First Round and ended in May 1950 with the Final match. KF Partizani were the defending champions, having won their second Albanian Cup last season. The cup was won by Dinamo Tirana.

The rounds were played in a one-legged format. If the number of goals was equal, the match was decided by extra time and a penalty shootout, if necessary.

First round[edit]

Games were played in March, 1950*

  • Results unknown.

Second round[edit]

Games were played in March, 1950.

Team 1  Score  Team 2
Puna Elbasan/Elbasani 2-2(corners) Puna Korcë/Skënderbeu
Spartaku Berat 0-1 Puna Tiranë/Tirana
Puna Kavajë/Besa 1-4 Partizani
Puna Ersekë/Gramozi 0-2 Puna Shkodër/Vllaznia
Garnizoni Gjirokastrës 1-6 Dinamo
Puna Vlorë/Flamurtari 3-2 Puna Berat/Tomori
Puna Fier/Apolonia 2-0(a) Garnizoni Tiranës
Garnizoni Durrës 3-1 Puna Durrës/Teuta

Quarter Finals[edit]

In this round entered the 8 winners from the previous round.

Team 1  Score  Team 2
KF Partizani 2-0 KS Vllaznia
Dinamo Tirana 10-0 KS Flamurtari
Garnizoni Durrës 2-1 KS Apolonia
KF Tirana 2-0(a) KS Skenderbeu Korce


In this round entered the four winners from the previous round*

Team 1  Score  Team 2
KF Partizani - KF Tirana
Garnizoni Durrës - Dinamo Tirana



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