1950 British Empire Trophy

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Isle of Man  1950 British Empire Trophy
Race details
Non-Championship race in the 1950 Formula One season
Date 15 June 1950
Official name XII British Empire Trophy
Location Douglas Circuit
Douglas, Isle of Man
United Kingdom
Course length 9.855 km (6.124 mi)
Distance 36 laps, 354.787 km (220.454 mi)
Pole position
Driver ERA
Time 3:10.0
Fastest lap
Driver United Kingdom Reg Parnell ERA
Time 3:08.0
First ERA
Second ERA
Third Maserati

The 1950 British Empire Trophy was a non-Championship Formula One motor race held on 15 June 1950 at the Douglas Circuit, in Douglas, Isle of Man. It was the ninth race of the 1950 Formula One season.

The 36-lap race was won by ERA driver Bob Gerard. Cuth Harrison finished second in an ERA, and Emmanuel de Graffenried third in a Maserati.


Pos No. Driver Entrant Constructor Time/Retired Grid
1 1 United Kingdom Bob Gerard Bob Gerard ERA 1.59:36.8 3
2 12 United Kingdom Cuth Harrison Cuth Harrison ERA + 1:32.4 1
3 5 Switzerland Toulo de Graffenried Enrico Platé Maserati + 2:48.1 7
4 15 United Kingdom Brian Shawe-Taylor Brian Shawe-Taylor ERA + 2:58.8 5
5 3 United Kingdom David Hampshire Scuderia Ambrosiana Maserati 35 laps 6
6 2 United Kingdom Reg Parnell Scuderia Ambrosiana Maserati 35 laps 8
7 7 United Kingdom Tony Rolt Rob Walker Racing Team Delage 35 laps 2
Ret 11 United Kingdom Graham Whitehead Graham Whitehead ERA Lost wheel 9
Ret 14 United Kingdom Colin Murray Charles Murray Maserati Accident 12
Ret 9 United Kingdom Gordon Watson Gordon Watson Alta F2 Piston 11
Ret 6 Thailand Prince Bira Enrico Platé Maserati Accident 13
Ret 4 United Kingdom David Murray Scuderia Ambrosiana ERA Accident 4
Ret 16 Republic of Ireland Joe Kelly Joe Kelly Maserati Accident 10
DNS 10 United Kingdom Peter Walker Peter Walker ERA Fire  –
DNS 8 United Kingdom John Rowley J.W. Rowley Delage Camshaft drive  –
DNA 17 United Kingdom Alister Baring A.A. Baring HWM-Alta Car not ready  –
DNA 18 United Kingdom Bobby Baird W.R. Baird Tornado-Clemons Duesenburg Car not ready  –
DNA 19 United Kingdom Archie J. Butterworth A.J. Butterworth A.J.B.-Steyr Car not ready  –


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