1950 Campeonato Argentino de Rugby

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6° Campeonato Argentino
Countries  Argentina
Champions Provincia (5th title)
Runners-up Capital

The 1950 Campeonato Argentino de Rugby was won by the selection of Buenos Aires Province ("Provincia") that beat in the final the selection of Capital.

This edition saw the first presence of the selections of La Plata and Río Paranà, this formed by team of Santa Fe Province (Rosario escluxed) and Entre Ríos . Before this club were part of the Unión de Rugby del Litoral Argentino, that from now on will be only formed by club from Rosario.

Rugby Union in Argentina in 1950[edit]


Quarters OF FINALS Semifinals Finale
3-10 september 17 september 24 september
Rosario 0        
Provincia 19  
Provincia 37
  La Plata                     3  
Cuyo 3
La Plata                     6  
Provincia                     6
  Capital 0
Cordoba 0
Capital 21  
Capital 44
  Río Paranà 6  
Río Paranà 8
UR del Norte 6  

Knock out stages[edit]

3 sept. Córdoba - Capital 0 - 21 Córdoba
3 sept. Rosario - Provincia 0 - 19 Rosario
3 sept. Cuyo - La Plata 3 - 6 Mendoza
10 sept. Río Paranà - UR del Norte 8 - 6 Santa Fe

17 sept. Capital - Río Paranà 44 - 6 G.E.B.A., Buenos Aires
17 sept. Provincia - La Plata 37 - 3 G.E.B.A., Buenos Aires


24 september 1950
Provincia 6-0 Capital
GEBA, Buenos Aires
Referee: S. N. Oerton

Provincia: R. Frigerio (Pucará), C. Arana (CASI), A. Jones (Old G's), A. Palma (Pucará), E. Caffarone (Olivos), R. Giles (Pucará), G. Ehrman (Pucará), L. Allen (CASI), M. Sarandón (cap.) (SIC), D. Haxell (Old G's), E. Domínguez (Pucará), J. Neira (Curupaytí), N. Tompkins (Old G's), C. Swain (Old G's), R. Follet (Old G's).
Capital: J. Genoud (C.U.B.A.), U. O'Farrel (C.U.B.A.), D. Wesley Smith (Bs. As.), J. Comotto (Hindú), D. Farrell (Hindú), R. Quian (C.U.B.A.), P. Felisari (Belgrano), A. Dillon (Belgrano), E. Holmberg (C.U.B.A.), J. O'Farrell (C.U.B.A.), A. Phillips(cap.) (Belgrano), C. Morea (C.U.B.A.), A. Bori (Belgrano), H. Achaval (C.U.B.A.), R. Pont Lezica (C.U.B.A.).