1951 Kurşunlu earthquake

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1951 Kurşunlu earthquake
1951 Kurşunlu earthquake is located in Turkey
1951 Kurşunlu earthquake
UTC time 1951-08-13 18:33:38
ISC event 894620
Local date 13 August 1951 (1951-08-13)
Local time 20:33
Magnitude 6.9 Ms[1]
Epicenter 40°53′N 32°52′E / 40.88°N 32.87°E / 40.88; 32.87Coordinates: 40°53′N 32°52′E / 40.88°N 32.87°E / 40.88; 32.87[1]
Areas affected Turkey
Max. intensity IX (Violent)[2]
Casualties 50 killed, 3,354 injured[2]

The 1951 Kurşunlu earthquake occurred at 18:33 GMT (20:33 local time) on 13 August near Kurşunlu, Çankırı Province, Central Anatolia Region, Turkey.[1] The earthquake was one of a series of major and intermediate quakes that have occurred in modern times along the North Anatolian Fault since 1939.

It had a magnitude of 6.9 on the surface wave magnitude scale and a maximum felt intensity of IX (Violent) on the Mercalli intensity scale. There were 50 casualties and 3,354 injuries.

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