1951 World Snooker Championship

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World Snooker Championship
Tournament information
Venue Tower Circus
City Blackpool
Country England
Organisation(s) Billiards Association and Control Council
Highest break 106
Champion England Fred Davis
Runner-up Scotland Walter Donaldson
Score 58–39

The 1951 World Snooker Championship was a snooker tournament held at the Tower Circus in Blackpool, England.[1] Donaldson made the highest break of the tournament with 106.[2]

For the fifth consecutive year, the final was contested by Fred Davis and Walter Donaldson. Davis won his third World title by defeating Donaldson 58–39 in the final.[1] In the direct comparison between them Davis led 3-2 after his wins in 1948 and 1949.

After defeating the then 45-year-old Sidney Smith — runner-up of 1938 and 1939 — in the quarter-finals, the 15 year younger John Pulman reached the semi-finals, where he played against the eventual winner Fred Davis, before he retired and gave Davis an early bye into the final.

Main draw[edit]


Best of 71 frames
Best of 71 frames
Best of 97 frames
Scotland  Walter Donaldson 41  
England  Kingsley Kennerley 30     Scotland  Walter Donaldson 41  
Australia  Horace Lindrum 43   Australia  Horace Lindrum 30  
England  Albert Brown 28       Scotland  Walter Donaldson 39
England  Fred Davis 42       England  Fred Davis 58
England  John Barrie 29     England  Fred Davis 22
England  John Pulman 38   England  John Pulman[n 1] 14  
England  Sidney Smith 33  



  Round 1
Best of 35 frames
    Round 2
Best of 35 frames
    England  Dickie Laws 7
  England  John Barrie 23     England  John Barrie 28
  England  Sydney Lee 12  


  1. ^ John Pulman retired.


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