1952–53 Cypriot Cup

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1952–53 Cypriot Cup
Dates10 January 1953 – 19 April 1953
ChampionsEPA Larnaca FC
(4th title)
Runners-upÇetinkaya Türk

The 1952–53 Cypriot Cup was the 16th edition of the Cypriot Cup. A total of 14 clubs entered the competition. It began on 10 January 1953 with the first round and concluded on 19 April 1953 with the final which was held at GSP Stadium. EPA Larnaca FC won their 4th Cypriot Cup trophy after beating Çetinkaya Türk 2–1 in the final.


In the 1952–53 Cypriot Cup, participated all the teams of the Cypriot First Division and six teams of the Cypriot Second Division.

The competition consisted of four knock-out rounds. In all rounds each tie was played as a single leg and was held at the home ground of the one of the two teams, according to the draw results. Each tie winner was qualifying to the next round. If a match was drawn, extra time was following. If extra time was drawn, there was a replay match.

First round[edit]

Team 1 Result Team 2
(A) AEL 5 - 0 SEAAS Nicosia (B)
(A) Anorthosis 7 - 1 Demi Spor Larnaca (B)
(A) APOEL 1 - 0 Pezoporikos (A)
(A) EPA 10 - 1 Aris (B)
(A) Çetinkaya Türk 10 - 2 Mağusa Türk Gücü (B)
(B) Turkish Club of Larnaca 2 - 3 Doğan Türk Birliği (B)
(A) Olymoiakos Bye
(A) AYMA Bye


Team 1 Result Team 2
(A) Anorthosis 2 - 1 Olympiakos (A)
(A) APOEL 2 - 2, 0 - 3 EPA (A)
(A) Çetinkaya Türk 3 - 1 AYMA (A)
(A) AEL 2 - 0 Doğan Türk Birliği (B)


Team 1 Result Team 2
(A) AEL 1 - 2 Çetinkaya Türk (A)
(A) EPA 1 - 11 Anorthosis (A)

1Anorthosis Famagusta not show to the replay match due to violent behavior of the first game


EPA2 – 1Çetinkaya Türk
Sarkis Mpetikian (Kkilis) Goal 17'
Mustafa Devterali Goal 74'
Goal 73' Dickran Misirian
Referee: Lillis Ieronimides
Cypriot Cup 1952–53 Winners
4th title


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