1952 Professional Matchplay Championship

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Professional Matchplay Championship
Tournament information
Venue Tower Circus
City Blackpool
Country England
Highest break 140
Champion England Fred Davis
Runner-up Scotland Walter Donaldson
Score 38–35

The 1952 Professional Matchplay Championship was a snooker tournament held at the Tower Circus in Blackpool, England.[1]

The event was created following a dispute between some of the professional players and the Billiards Association and Control Council (BACC). The BACC thought the championship is primarily about honour, and financial consideration should come at second place.[2] Several of the players including the defending world champion Fred Davis established an alternative 'world championship' called the Professional Matchplay Championship.[1]

Fred Davis won his fourth World title by defeating Walter Donaldson 38–35 in the final.[1] Davis also compiled the highest break of tournament with 140.[3]

Main draw[edit]


Round 1
Best of 61 frames
Round 2
Best of 61 frames
Best of 61 frames
Best of 73 frames
           England  Fred Davis 38  
Northern Ireland  Jackie Rea 33       Northern Ireland  Jackie Rea 23  
England  Jim Lees 28     Northern Ireland  Jackie Rea 35  
         England  Kingsley Kennerley 26  
           England  Fred Davis 38
           Scotland  Walter Donaldson 35
           Scotland  Walter Donaldson 31  
England  Albert Brown 32       England  Albert Brown 30  
England  John Pulman 27     England  Albert Brown 36       
England  Alec Brown 39     England  Alec Brown 25       
England  Rex Williams 22  


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