1952 World Table Tennis Championships

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World Table Tennis Championships
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The 1952 World Table Tennis Championships were held in Bombay from February 1 to February 10, 1952.The 1952 World Championships were marked by the arrival of the Japanese as a Table Tennis force on the world scene. In another first the Chief Referee of the tournament was an Indian, Professor Arakalgud Subbarao.[1][2]

India was chosen as the hosts for the event in March 1950 at the Congress of the International Table Tennis Federation in Budapest, Hungary.[3] Because the Championships were held in India the entry was reduced. Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Austria and Sweden were all unable to travel to the tournament.[4]


Norikazu Fujii, Tadaaki Hayashi and Hiroji Satoh of Japan, who all won Gold in respective disciplines.


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Swaythling Cup
Men's Team
Elemer Gyetvai
József Kóczián
Ferenc Sidó
Kálmán Szepesi
László Várkonyi
Richard Bergmann
Adrian Haydon
Johnny Leach
Aubrey Simons
Harry Venner
Daisuke Daimon
Norikazu Fujii
Tadaaki Hayashi
Hiroji Satoh
 Hong Kong
Cheng Kwok Wing
Chung Chin Sing
Fu Chi Fong
Keung Wing Ning
Suh Sui Cho
Corbillon Cup
Women's team
Shizuki Narahara
Tomie Nishimura
Angelica Rozeanu
Sári Szász
Ella Zeller
Kathleen Best
Peggy Franks
Diane Rowe
Rosalind Rowe


Helen Elliott at the World Table Tennis Championships at Bombay in February, 1952. She won the Bronze in Women's doubles.
Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's singles Japan Hiroji Satoh Hungary József Kóczián France René Roothooft
France Guy Amouretti
Women's singles Romania Angelica Rozeanu Hungary Gizi Farkas England Rosalind Rowe
Austria Ermelinde Wertl
Men's Doubles Japan Norikazu Fujii
Japan Tadaki Hayashi
England Richard Bergmann
England Johnny Leach
United States Douglas Cartland
United States Marty Reisman
England Viktor Barna
England Adrian Haydon
Women's Doubles Japan Shizuki Narahara
Japan Tomie Nishimura
England Diane Rowe
England Rosalind Rowe
Scotland Helen Elliott
Austria Ermelinde Wertl
Hungary Gizi Farkas
Hungary Edit Sági
Mixed doubles Hungary Ferenc Sidó
Romania Angelica Rozeanu
England Johnny Leach
England Diane Rowe
England Viktor Barna
England Rosalind Rowe
Hungary József Kóczián
Hungary Gizi Farkas


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