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The 1954 Carrera Panamericana was the fifth and final running of the Carrera Panamericana Mexican sports car racing event, run from November 19-23, 1954. It was the sixth and final race of the 1954 World Sportscar Championship. The race was run from Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, to Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, over 8 stages and 3,070 kilometres (1,910 mi).[1] 150 cars started the race, and 85 finished all 8 stages. The race was won by Umberto Maglioli in an Erwin Goldschmidt-entered Ferrari 375 Plus. He finished the race in 17 hours, 40 minutes, and 26 seconds, averaging 173.69 kilometres per hour (107.93 mph).[2]


The 1954 Carrera Panamericana was won by a Ferrari 375 Plus

For 1954, the Touring classes were divided into three classes, over 3,500 cc (213.6 cu in), between 3,499 and 1,900 cc (213.5 and 115.9 cu in), and under 1,900 cc (115.9 cu in). The Sports classes were divided as before, over and under 1,500 cc (91.5 cu in). This was in order to accommodate the huge number of participants and the diverse breeds of cars within the race.[3]

Going into the race, Ferrari had already won the championship, but victory would ensure the marque would score maximum points for the season. Although no works entries were sent from Italy, there was a number of top quality entrants from both Mexico and the United States, hoping the get that victory on behalf of the Maranello concern.

Heading into the event, pressure was mounting on Mexican government, as the annual death toll from the event caused the country to be shown in a negative light. This wasn't the kind of attention the locals wanted. It had been abundantly clear the days were numbered for the Carrera Panamericana. 1954 would be the last time the event was run in this format, although it did return as a revival event in 1988.[4]


The race was held in eight stages over a total distance of 3,070 km (1,910 miles). The race was won overall by Umberto Maglioli in a Ferrari 375 Plus. Maglioli finished the race in 17h 40' 26", his average speed of 173.7 kilometres per hour (107.93 mph) reflected the level of professionalism and technology that led the field: the inaugural 1950 event had been won in an average speed of 111 kilometres per hour (69 mph)- and the winner had taken 10 hours longer to complete the race distance. Phil Hill and Richie Ginther took second place in another Ferrari, over 24 minutes behind. The under-1500 sports car class winner Hans Herrmann finished third in his Porsche 550, a further 87 minutes behind the Americans. Ray Crawford and Enrique Iglesias won the over-3500 stock car class in a Lincoln, the European stock car class was won by Consalvo Sanesi and Giuseppe Cagna in an Alfa Romeo, and the small U.S. stock car class was won by Tommy Drisdale and Walter Krause, Jr. in a Dodge.[5]

A number of the sedans from the US failed to make it through the first stage of the race. The Austin-Healey 100S of Englishman, Lance Macklin struggled from ignition troubles and retired before completing the first stage. The Ferrari 375 Plus of Jack McAfee and Ford Robinson had an accident that provided the first fatality, with the death of Robinson. Sadly, there would be fatality, when Leopoldo Olvera Zabado died following an accident on the fifth stage. [6][7]

The Californian pairing of Hill and Ginther continued to look impressive, making it through the second stage in their Allen Guiberson-entered Ferrari 375 MM without incident and remaining close to the front of the overall standing. However, another American was not going so well: Carroll Shelby suffered an accident while driving his Austin-Healey 100S. Frustrated with his team-mate, Ray Jackson-Moore's slow pace, Shelby supposedly removed Jackson-Moore’s seat and took off on his own.[6][7]

As the event progressed, the list of cars remaining grew shorter and shorter. Many of the strong competitors were either out of the race, or behind the leading Ferraris of Maglioli and Hill/Ginther. The two Americans continued to chase hard to rein in solo-driving Maglioli. It was a 375 MM spyder chasing after a 375 Plus, with still a long way to go before anyone could celebrate. After 1,900 miles (3,100 km) there was very little time separating the two cars.[6][7]

Despite feeling the pressure, Maglioli strengthened his grip and did not make any mistakes in the closing stages of the race, finishing nearly 25 minutes ahead of Hill and Ginther.[8][9]

Californian hot rodder Ak Miller became famous by finishing seventh overall, in his Oldsmobile-powered 1927 Ford.

Only months after its introduction in Mexico, the local distributor entered seven Volkswagen Beetles in order to prove their reliability and to make the car known. To maintain the given time bracket, they were required to keep an average speed of 50 miles per hour (80 km/h), but had achieved 61 miles per hour (98 km/h) during the reconnaissance runs, so expectations to finish inside the time limits were high. As they were using standard Volkswagen engines, the cars were driving bumper-to-bumper in order reduce air resistance as available power was limited. By the time the event got to Ciudad Juárez, all seven Beetles were still within the given time limit, none was disqualified, with Alfonso de Hohenlohe and Alberto Álvarez coming home in 78th place overall (7th in class), albeit, the Beetles filled seven of the last eight finishing positions. [10]

Official Classification[edit]


Class winners are marked in bold.

Pos Class No. Entrant Driver(s) Car Stages Time
1 S+1.5 19 Erwin Goldschmidt Italy Umberto Maglioli Ferrari 375 Plus Pinin Farina 8 17:40:26
2 S+1.5 20 Allen Guiberson United States Phil Hill
United States Richie Ginther
Ferrari 375 MM Vignale 8 18:04:50
3 S1.5 55 Dist. VW Central, S.A. Germany Hans Herrmann Porsche 550 Spyder 8 19:32:33
4 S1.5 56 Jaroslav Juhan Guatemala Jaroslav Juhan Porsche 550 Spyder 8 19:33:09
5 S+1.5 22 Prado Américas Italy Franco Cornacchia
Argentina Enrico Peruchini
Ferrari 250 Monza Scaglietti 8 19:45:06
6 S+1.5 24 John Shakespeare United States Luigi Chinetti
United States John Shakespeare
Ferrari 375 MM Pinin Farina 8 20:10:28
7 S+1.5 11 Akton Miller United States Ak Miller
United States Douglas Harrison
Caballo de Hiero Oldsmobile 8 20:21:09
8 S1.5 54 Monte Carlo Auto Sport France Louis Chiron
France Robert Delpech
Osca MT4 1500 Morelli 8 20:34:56
9 T+3.5 149 Lincoln United States Ray Crawford
Mexico Enrique Iglesias
Lincoln Capri 8 20:40:19
10 T+3.5 103 Lincoln United States Walt Faulkner
United States Francis W. Hainley
Lincoln Capri 8 20:42:07
11 T+3.5 127 Barry Motor Sales United States Keith Andrews
United States Blue Plemond
Cadillac Series 62 8 20:43:14
12 S1.5 58 Dist. VW Central, S.A. Argentina Fernando Segura
Germany Herbert Linge
Porsche 550 Spyder 8 20:46:23
13 S+1.5 9 Jean Trévoux France Jean Trévoux
Mexico Armando González
Packard Motto Special 8 20:48:31
14 T+3.5 110 Adolph Otterstein United States Edward A. Stringer
United States Truman C. Wood
Cadillac Series 62 8 21:15:13
15 TE1.9 251 Alfa Romeo Finmeccanica Italy Consalvo Sanesi
Italy Giuseppe Cagna
Alfa Romeo 1900 TI 8 21:50:42
16 T+3.5 111 Coca-Cola Mexico Mexico Luis Leal Solares
Mexico Alfredo García Avila
Buick Century 8 21:51:17
17 T+3.5 113 Coca-Cola Mexico Mexico Ricardo Ramírez
Mexico Joséfat Larios Zuniga
Buick Century 8 21:59:34
18 TE1.9 256 Alfa Romeo Finmeccanica Italy Sergio Mantovani
Italy Bruno Chiappa
Alfa Romeo 1900 TI 8 22:06:25
19 TE1.9 267 Alfa Romeo Finmeccanica Italy Mario Della Favera
Italy Egidio Campigotto
Alfa Romeo 1900 TI 8 22:06:50
20 TE1.9 255 Alfa Romeo Finmeccanica Italy Piero Carini
Italy Giuseppe Sambrotta
Alfa Romeo 1900 TI 8 22:19:04
21 T+3.5 119 Pacheco y Cia United States Douglas Ehlinger
Mexico Luis Solorio
Packard Clipper 8 22:23:34
22 T+3.5 115 Coca-Cola Mexico Mexico Julio Mariscal
Mexico Luis Pombo Rivadeneyra
Buick Century 8 22:30:39
23 TS 226 Tommy Drisdale United States Tommy Drisdale
United States Walter Krause, Jr.
Dodge V-8 8 22:35:53
24 TS 217 Dickshire United States C. D. Evans
Mexico Armando Velázquez
Dodge V-8 8 22:50:44
25 T+3.5 133 Abraham Yunes Mexico Raymundo Corona
Mexico Enrique Ortega Aguillar
Packard 8 22:51:20
26 T+3.5 124 Baja California Mexico Francisco Ramírez Fonseca
Mexico Alberto Maya Juarez
Lincoln Capri 8 22:52:16
27 TS 231 Ray C. Elliot United States Ray Elliott
United States Edward B. Stark
Dodge V-8 8 22:52:16
28 S1.5 51 Calzado Canadá S.A. Mexico Salvador López Chávez Porsche 550 Spyder 8 22:57:31
29 TS 211 Álvarez Tostado Mexico Arturo Álvarez Tostado
Mexico Alfredo Cabrero Porras
Dodge V-8 8 23:00:18
30 TE1.9 252 Atoyac Mexico Adolfo Velázquez
Mexico Horacio Ruíz
Alfa Romeo 1900 TI 8 23:00:57
31 TS 238 Scott F. Yantis United States Scott F. Yantis Studebaker Commander 8 23:02:04
32 TS 208 Dehler Mexico Moisés Solana
Mexico Enrique Doblado
Dodge V-8 8 23:08:40
33 TS 209 Oscar Cabalen Argentina Oscar Cabalén
Mexico Genaro Silva
Ford V-8 8 23:08:55
34 TS 331 Floyd Clymer Italy Piero Taruffi
United States Bob Feurchelm
Ford 6 8 23:15:51
35 TS 237 Ferreteria del Sol Mexico Ramiro Aguilar, Jr.
Mexico Alfonso L. Franco
Dodge 8 23:18:45
36 TS 201 Refrescos Jarrito Mexico Octavio Anza Esquivel
United States Johnny Mantz
Mexico L. Constancio Ruíz
Ford 8 23:19:06
37 T+3.5 117 Tony de Rosa Argentina Tony de Rosa
Argentina Alfonso Bustos
Lincoln Capri 8 23:27:31
38 TS 219 Malcolm Eckart United States Malcolm Eckart
United States Carroll Hamplemann
Hudson Wasp 8 23:28:09
39 TS 218 Puebla Mexico Francisco Rodríguez Sánchez
Mexico Roberto Vargas
Dodge Royal 8 23:37:47
40 TS 220 Manuel Luz Meneses Mexico Manuel Luz Meneses Studebaker Commander 8 23:47:42
41 TS 232 Félix Alberto Peduzzi Argentina Félix Alberto Peduzzi
Argentina Eduardo del Molino
Ford 8 23:56:10
42 TS 326 Raimundo Caparrós Argentina Raimundo Caparrós
Argentina Heldi Paladino
Chevrolet Bel Air 8 24:01:33
43 TS 243 Osvaldo José Mantega Argentina Osvaldo José Mantega
Argentina Ernesto Nuñez
Chevrolet Bel Air 8 24:07:51
44 TS 213 Abelardo Matamoros Mexico Abelardo Matamoros Acosta
Mexico Raúl Blancas
Studebaker Commander 8 24:12:47
45 TS 320 Vincente Tirabasso Argentina Vincente Tirabasso
Argentina Ruben Giscoman
Chevrolet Bel Air 8 24:13:16
46 TS 216 Jorge Descote Argentina Jorge Descote
Argentina Mantolin Sánchez Marín
Chevrolet Bel Air 8 24:13:17
47 TS 340 Tadeo Taddia Argentina Tadeo Taddia
Argentina Sebastián Messino
Chevrolet Bel Air 8 24:16:41
48 TS 342 Baltazar Alaimo Argentina Baltazar Alaimo
Argentina Eliseo Rodríguez
Chevrolet Bel Air 8 24:18:18
49 TS 229 Marcos Ciani Argentina Marcos Ciani
Argentina Juan Munguin
Chevrolet Bel Air 8 24:20:28
50 TS 227 Enrique Paredes Mexico Enrique Paredes
Mexico Luis Herrastri
Ford 8 24:22:58
51 TS 245 Raúl Jaras Chile Raúl Jaras
Chile Tomás L. Bravo
Chevrolet Bel Air 8 24:28:47
52 TS 205 Union de Choferes Mexico Roberto Belmar
Mexico Félix San Roman
Studebaker Commander 8 24:32:28
53 TS 330 Robert C. Lilienthal United States Robert C. Lilienthal
United States Wendell Anderson
Ford 8 24:37:27
54 T+3.5 130 Guillermo Suhr Contreras Guatemala Guillermo Suhr Contreras
Guatemala Óscar Alfonso Aguilar
Oldsmobile Super 88 8 24:42:00
55 TS 221 Rafael Larocca Argentina Rafael Larocca
Argentina Virginio Aguilar
Chevrolet Bel Air 8 24:43:48
56 TS 301 Jorge Zorzi Olazábel Argentina Jorge Zorzi Olazábel
Argentina Oreste Botta
Chevrolet Bel Air 8 24:49:46
57 TS 310 Ernesto Beronio Argentina Ernesto Beronio Ford 8 24:54:46
58 TS 247 Hernán Videla Chile Hernán Videla
Chile Domingo Venturelli
Chevrolet Bel Air 8 24:58:20
59 TS 240 Salvador Torisse Argentina Salvador Torisse
Argentina Enrique Torrente
Chevrolet Bel Air 8 25:03:34
60 TS 303 Ángel de la Rosa Argentina Ángel de la Rosa
Argentina Ángel Antenone
Chevrolet Bel Air 8 25:11:40
61 T+3.5 107 Manuel Acosta Muñoz Mexico Manuel Acosta Muñoz
Mexico Fernando Najera
Buick Century 8 25:15:09
62 TS 241 Pablo Gulle Argentina Pablo Gulle
Argentina Domingo Reyes
Chevrolet Bel Air 8 25:33:21
63 TS 233 Andrés Ferreno Barreiro Argentina Andrés Ferreno Barreiro
Argentina Luis María Martorani
Ford 8 25:43:39
64 TS 314 Daniel Musso Argentina Daniel Musso
Argentina Alejandro Navarro
Ford 8 25:52:59
65 TS 321 Melvin H. Stickney United States Melvin H. Stickney
Argentina Walter E. von Schoenfeld
Ford 8 25:53:38
66 TS 325 Luis Egidio Parnisari Argentina Luis Egidio Parnisari
Argentina Mario A. Alfaro
Ford V-8 8 26:01:04
67 S1.5 59 Otto Becker Estrada Mexico Otto Becker Estrada Porsche 356 1500 Super 8 26:07:59
68 TS 323 Joaquin Salas Ferrer Chile Joaquin Salas Ferrer
Mexico Carlos Buenaventura Pérez
Ford 8 26:13:38
69 TS 305 Alberto Loguló Argentina Alberto Loguló
Argentina Ismael Cañas
Ford 8 26:16:22
70 S1.5 53 Ernst-Joachin Hirz Germany Ernst-Joachin Hirz Porsche 356 1500 Super 8 26:22:24
71 TS 332 Carlos Pfeffer Argentina Carlos Pfeffer Ford 8 26:31:25
72 TS 334 César Óscar Vidales Argentina César Óscar Vinales Ford 8 26:40:32
73 TS 312 Óscar Cremer Chile Óscar Cremer
Chile Marcos Pliego
Ford 8 26:56:19
74 TE1.9 253 Carl Borgward Germany Adolf Brudes
Germany Erick Bock
Borgward Isabella 8 27:02:36
75 TS 316 Pedro Petinari Argentina Pedro Petinari Ford 8 28:15:48
76 TS 242 Antonio Pingeon Argentina Antonio Pingeon
Argentina Manuel José Galandrino
Ford 8 28:18:23
77 TS 313 Americo Guzzini Argentina Americo Guzzini
Argentina Bernardo Guzzini
Ford Crestline Custom 2 Door Coupe 8 29:02:01
78 TE1.9 261 Alfonso de Hohenlohe Mexico Alfonso de Hohenlohe
Mexico Alberto Álvarez
Volkswagen 1200 De Luxe 8 30:14:12
79 TE1.9 263 Alfonso de Hohenlohe Mexico Manuel Hinke Volkswagen 1200 De Luxe 8 30:15:54
80 TE1.9 262 Alfonso de Hohenlohe Netherlands Jan Wyers
Netherlands Rene Wyers
Volkswagen 1200 De Luxe 8 30:17:56
81 TS 246 Bartollo Abello Argentina Bartollo Abello
Argentina Adolfo Cañas
Ford 8 31:01:04
82 TE1.9 270 Alfonso de la Peña Cardona Mexico Alfonso de la Peña Cardona Volkswagen 1200 De Luxe 8 31:01:43
83 TE1.9 271 Alfonso de Hohenlohe Mexico Axel Wars Volkswagen 1200 De Luxe 8 31:04:41
84 TE1.9 272 Ara Arakelian Mexico Ara Arakelian Volkswagen 1200 De Luxe 8 31:11:07
85 TE1.9 269 Juan de Aguinaco Mexico Juan de Aguinaco Volkswagen 1200 De Luxe 8 31:15:59
S1.5 100 Jacqueline Evans de López United Kingdom Jacqueline Evans Porsche 356 SL 8 Over time limit
T+3.5 106 Philips Radio Mexico Mexico Félix Cerda Loza
Mexico Raúl Aguilar
Lincoln Capri 7 DNF
T+3.5 112 Coca-Cola Mexico Mexico Fernando Razo Maciel
Mexico Sergio Campos Yanez
Buick Century 7 Accident
T+3.5 122 Pat Zoccano United States Pat Zoccano Buick 6 DNF
TS 212 Dan Morgan United States Dan Morgan
United States Frank Valchucks
Ford 6 Accident
T+3.5 116 Super Diesel Mexico Alfonso César Franco
Mexico José Hernández
Buick Riviera 5 DNF
TS 203 Leonel M. Garza Mexico Leonel M. Garza
Mexico Leobardo Elizondo
Chevrolet Bel Air 5 DNF
TS 210 Hollywood Deeptone United States 'Flash' Gordon
Mexico Roberto Castañeda
Ford 5 DNF
TS 215 Productos Automotrices Mexico Carlos Díaz Garcilazo
Mexico Federico Carazín
Studebaker Champion 5 Accident
TE1.9 268 Alfa Romeo Finmeccanica Italy Bruno Bonini
Italy Piero Zanavoni
Alfa Romeo 1900 TI 5 Accident damage
TS 315 Victorio Menghi Argentina Victorio Menghi
Argentina Leopoldo Olvera Zabado
Chevrolet Bel Air 5 Fatal accident
TS 319 Santos Martín Argentina Santos Martín
Argentina Horacio Zumelzu
Ford 5 DNF
TS 328 Carlos Battilana Olazábal Argentina Carlos Battilana Olazábal
Argentina Óscar Martorani
Ford 5 DNF
S+1.5 13 Javier Velázquez Mexico Francisco Ibarra
Mexico Fernando Pinal
Jaguar C-Type 4 Oil leak
S+1.5 16 Óscar Fano Bush Mexico Óscar Fano Bush
Mexico Roberto Barajas
Jaguar XK120 4 Mechanical
TS 207 Lineas Union del Sur Mexico Olegario Pérez Pliego
Mexico Asención Morales
Ford 4 Mechanical
TS 222 Bujias MexiCanas Mexico Héctor Ortiz Palacios
Mexico Vicente Solar
Dodge Royal 4 Accident
TS 230 Plinio Larocca Argentina Plinio Larocca
Argentina Rogelio Cruz
Ford 4 Mechanical
TS 250 Patricio Achura Argentina Patricio Achurra Sánchez
Chile Jean Safont
Ford 4 Accident
S+1.5 10 Allen Guiberson Spain Joaquin Palacio Pover
Spain Celso Fernández
Pegaso Z-102 BS Touring 3 Accident
S+1.5 32 Cabero Mexico Alberto del Campo
Mexico Jorge Mejía Martínez
Cabero Special Ford 3 Accident
S1.5 60 Carl Borgward Germany Karl-Günther Bechem
Germany Rudolf Herzog
Borgward Rennsport 55 3 Accident
T+3.5 105 Gas Atlas Mexico Miguel García Bastida
Mexico Pedro Gómez
Lincoln Capri 3 Wheel
TS 204 Mickey Thompson United States Mickey Thompson
United States Rodger Flores
Ford 3 Accident
TS 225 Frank Davis United States Frank Davis
United States Dennis Cannon
Dodge 3 Accident
TS 234 Eduardo d'Alessandro Argentina Eduardo D'Alessandro
Argentina Francisco Vega Monroy
Chevrolet Bel Air 3 Over time limit
TS 249 Eugenio Guerrero Argentina Eugenio Guerrero
Argentina Ricardo Varela
Dodge 3 Mechanical
TE1.9 257 Alfa Romeo Finmeccanica Mexico José Antonio Solana
Mexico Luis Leguizamo
Alfa Romeo 1900 TI 3 DNF
TS 311 Bartolomé Ortiz Chile Bartolomé Ortiz
Mexico Aurelio Lara
Ford 3 Engine
TS 341 Eugenio Modica Argentina Eugenio Modica
Argentina Ignacio Espina
Chevrolet Bel Air 3 Accident
S1.5 52 Escuderia Espaňa Argentina Roberto Mieres Osca MT4 1500 2 Engine
T+3.5 101 Ángel Acar Mexico Ángel Acar Valle
Mexico Heriberto Angulo
Lincoln Capri 2 DNF
TE1.9 265 David Cerezo Guatemala David Cerezo
Guatemala Carlos A. Palacios
Alfa Romeo 1900T 2 Accident
TS 318 Antonio Gómez Argentina Antonio Gómez Ford 2 DNF
S+1.5 8 Donald Healey United States Carroll Shelby
United Kingdom Ray Jackson-Moore
Austin-Healey 100S 1 Accident
S1.5 61 Carl Borgward Switzerland Franz Hammernick
Germany Fritz Jüttner
Borgward Rennsport 55 1 Accident
S1.5 62 Manfredo Lippmann Guatemala Manfredo Lippmann Osca MT4 2AD 1500 Morelli Super 1 Mechanical
T+3.5 108 Lincoln United States Bill Vukovich
United States Vern Houle
Lincoln Capri 1 Accident
T+3.5 114 Coca-Cola Mexico Mexico Héctor Riva Palacio
Mexico Roberto García
Buick Century 1 DNF
T+3.5 123 Luis Rafael Garzón Colombia Luis Rafael Garzón
Colombia Luis Alfonso Murcia
Lincoln Capri 1 Accident
TS 206 Pedro Ovies Sánchez Cuba Pedro Ovies Sánchez
Cuba Federico Tomeu
Ford 1 DNF
TS 228 Pepe Russo Argentina Pepe Russo
Argentina Pedro González
Ford 1 DNF
TE1.9 258 Pedro J. Llano Argentina Pedro J. Llano Alfa Romeo 1900T 1 DNF
TE1.9 260 Guillermo Airaldi Argentina Guillermo G. Airaldi Alfa Romeo 1900T 1 DNF
S+1.5 1 John Edgar United States Jack McAfee
United States Ford Robinson
Ferrari 375 Plus Pinin Farina 0 Fatal accident
S+1.5 2 Scuderia Espana Spain Alfonso de Portago Ferrari 750 Monza Scaglietti 0 Oil pipe
S+1.5 3 Dominicana Dominican Republic Porfirio Rubirosa
United States Ernie McAfee
Ferrari 500 Mondial Scaglietti 0 Over time limit
S+1.5 4 Erwin Goldschmidt Argentina Roberto Bonomi
Argentina Carlos Peyloubet
Ferrari 375 MM 0 Over time limit
S+1.5 6 Jack Ensley United States Robert Christie Kurtis-Nash 500S 0 Engine
S+1.5 7 Donald Healey United Kingdom Lance Macklin
United Kingdom Donald Healey
Austin-Healey 100S 0 Ignition
S+1.5 12 Bill von Esser United States Bill von Esser
United States Ernest Pultz
Chevrolet Corvette 0 Engine
S+1.5 14 Hotel del Prado Italy Giovanni Bracco
Italy Riccardo Livocchi
Ferrari 750 Monza Scaglietti 0 Over time limit
S+1.5 17 Duane Carter United States Duane Carter Kurtis-Oldsmobile 500S 0 Over time limit
S1.5 99 Cruz Blanca United States Jim Cassidy Cassidy Special MG 0 Mechanical
T+3.5 102 Lincoln United States Chuck Stevenson
United States Chuck Daigh
Lincoln Capri 0 Engine
T+3.5 104 Lincoln United States Johnny Mantz Lincoln Capri 0 Engine
T+3.5 109 Lincoln United States Jack McGrath
United States Manny Ayulo
Lincoln Capri 0 Accident
T+3.5 118 Lincoln Mexico Ferdinando de Leeuw Murphy
Mexico Victor Becerra
Lincoln Capri 0 Engine
T+3.5 120 Ronald R. Ferguson United States Leonard D. Sutton
United States Ronald R. Ferguson
Lincoln Capri 0 Mechanical
T+3.5 128 Ernest C. Hall United States Ernest C. Hall
United States Louis Unser
Buick 0 Mechanical
T+3.5 167 Converse Motors United States Bob Korf
United States Walter A. Judge
Chrysler 0 Mechanical
TS 202 Refrescos Jarrito Mexico Ricardo Anza
Mexico Ricardo López Ramírez
Ford 6 0 Accident
TE1.9 254 Anaconda Nacional Italy Guido Mancini
Mexico Francisco Mijares
Alfe Romeo 1900 T 0 Mechanical
TS 302 Jean-Manuel Bordeu Argentina Juan Manuel Bordeu
Argentina Raúl Bujeiro
Chevrolet Bel Air 0 Mechanical
TS 324 Humberto Maneglia Argentina Humberto Maneglia
Mexico Ramón Leal Contreras
Dodge Royal 0 Mechanical


Class Winners[edit]

Class Winners
Sport deste 1500 cc 19 Ferrari 375 Plus Pinin Farina Maglioli
Sport hasta 1500 cc 55 Porsche 550 Spyder Herrmann
Tourismo deste 3500 cc 194 Lincoln Capri Crawford / Iglesias
Tourismo Especial 226 Dodge V-8 Drisdale / Krause, Jr.
Tourismo Europeo 251 Alfa Romeo 1900 TI Sanesi / Cagna


Standings after the race[edit]

Pos Championship Points
1 Italy Ferrari 32 (38)
2 Italy Lancia 20
3 United Kingdom Jaguar 10
4 Italy O.S.C.A. 8
5 Italy Maserati 7


  • Only the top five positions are included in this set of standings.
  • Championship points were awarded for the first six places in each race in the order of 8-6-4-3-2-1.
  • Manufacturers were awarded points only for their highest finishing car with no points awarded for positions filled by additional cars.
  • Only the best 4 results out of the 6 races could be retained by each manufacturer. Total points earned are listed within brackets in the above table.


Further reading[edit]

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