1954 NCAA baseball season

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1954 NCAA baseball season
NCAA Tournament
College World Series
Champions Missouri
Runners-up Michigan State
MOP Tom Yewcic (Michigan State)
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The 1954 NCAA baseball season, play of college baseball in the United States organized by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) began in the spring of 1954. The season progressed through the regular season and concluded with the 1954 College World Series. The College World Series, held for the eighth time in 1954, consisted of one team from each of eight geographical districts and was held in Omaha, Nebraska at Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium as a double-elimination tournament. Missouri claimed the championship.[1]


Seven teams (Clemson, Duke, Maryland, North Carolina, NC State, South Carolina, and Wake Forest) departed the Southern Conference. They, together with Virginia, created the new Atlantic Coast Conference. Both leagues adopted single division formats, instead of the SoCon's previous two division format. Neither conference held a postseason tournament in 1954.

Conference winners[edit]

This is a partial list of conference champions from the 1954 season. Each of the eight geographical districts chose, by various methods, the team that would represent them in the NCAA Tournament. Twelve teams earned automatic bids by winning their conference championship, and eleven teams earned at-large selections.[1][2]

Conference Regular Season Winner
Atlantic Coast Conference Clemson
Big Seven Conference Missouri
Big Ten Conference Michigan State
CIBA Southern California
Mid-American Conference Ohio
Pacific Coast Conference Oregon
Southeastern Conference Georgia
Southern Conference Virginia Tech
Southwest Conference Texas

Conference standings[edit]

The following is an incomplete list of conference standings:

1954 Big Seven Conference baseball standings
Conf     Overall
Team W   L   PCT     W   L   PCT
Missouri y 11 1   .917     22 4   .846
Oklahoma 8 4   .667     12 8   .600
Iowa State 7 7   .500      
Kansas 4 5   .444     10 6   .625
Colorado 4 6   .400      
Nebraska 4 8   .333     10 10   .500
Kansas State 3 10   .231     8 12   .400
† – Conference champion
y – Invited to the NCAA Tournament
As of June 30, 1954[3]; Rankings from Collegiate Baseball

College World Series[edit]

The 1954 season marked the eighth NCAA Baseball Tournament, which consisted of the eight team College World Series. The College World Series was held in Omaha, Nebraska. The eight teams played a double-elimination format, with Missouri claiming their first championship with a 7–5 win over Texas in the final.[1]

  First Round     Second Round     Third Round
  Winner's Bracket
  Michigan State 16  
  Massachusetts 5    
      Michigan State 2  
      Arizona 1    
  Arizona 12          
  Oregon 1        
      Michigan State 4
      Rollins 5
  Rollins 911        
  Oklahoma A&M 5          
      Rollins 4    
      Missouri 1  
  Missouri 5    
  Lafayette 3  
  Loser's Bracket
  Massachusetts 5  
  Oregon 3     Missouri 8
    Massachusetts 1
  Oklahoma A&M 4  
  Lafayette 2     Arizona 4
    Oklahoma A&M 514
  Semifinals     Finals     if needed
  Re-ordered Semi-finals
  Rollins 2       Rollins 1
  Michigan State 310           Missouri 4
      Michigan State 3    
      Missouri 4  
  Missouri 7    
  Oklahoma A&M 3  

Award winners[edit]

All-America team[edit]


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