1954 Palanca Awards

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The Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature winners in the year 1954 (rank, title of winning entry, name of author).

English Division[edit]

Short Story

  • First Prize: "Death in a Sawmill" by Rony V. Diaz
  • Second Prize: "The Beads" by S.V. Epistola
  • Third Prize: "The Morning Before Us" by Gilda Cordero Fernando

One-Act Play

  • First Prize: "The World is an Apple" by Alberto S. Florentino Jr.
  • Second Prize: "Cowards Die a Thousand Deaths" by Fidel Sicam
  • Third Prize: "Prelude to Glory" by Paulina Bautista

Filipino (Tagalog) Division[edit]

Short Story in Filipino

  • First Prize: "Sa Kamatayan Lamang" by Teodoro Agoncillo
  • Second Prize: "Ang Pusa sa Aking Durungawan" by Buenaventura S. Medina Jr.
  • Third Prize: "Matalino ang Inaanak Ko" by Fernando L. Samonte

One-Act Play in Filipino

  • First Prize: "Hulyo 4, 1954 A.D." by Dionisio S. Salazar
  • Second Prize: "Ang Politiko" by Lazaro R. Banag Jr.
  • Third Prize: "Ang Aking Kapatid" by Deogracias Tigno Jr.

More winners by year[edit]