1954 Southern Area League

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1954 Southern Area League
LeagueSouthern Area League
ChampionsCalifornia Poppies
No. of competitors5
Division/s aboveNational League Div 1
National League Div 2

The 1954 Southern Area League was the first season of the newly named regional third tier of speedway racing in the United Kingdom for Southern British teams. It replaced the defunct Southern League. With most of the Southern League teams moving up to Speedway National League Division Two, six new teams started the season—many of them making their debut in league speedway.[1]


Three teams finished equal on points at the top but California Poppies from California, Berkshire were champions by the slenderest possible margin of a single race point with all their rivals having an fixture in hand that was never ridden.

Aldershot Shots withdrew mid-season. [2]

Final table[edit]

Team PL W D L Pts
California Poppies 16 9 0 7 18
Ringwood Turfs 15 9 0 6 18
Rye House Roosters 15 9 0 6 18
Brafield Flying Foxes 15 8 0 7 16
Eastbourne Eagles 15 3 0 12 6

Withdrawal (Record expunged) : Aldershot Shots

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