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The year 1954 in film involved some significant events and memorable ones.

Top-grossing films[edit]

United States[edit]

The top ten 1954 released films by box office gross in the United States are as follows:

Highest-grossing films of 1954
Rank Title Studio Domestic rentals
1 White Christmas Paramount Pictures $12,000,000[1]
2 The Caine Mutiny Columbia Pictures $8,700,000[1]
3 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Walt Disney/Buena Vista Distribution $8,000,000[1]
4 The Glenn Miller Story Universal Pictures $7,600,000[1]
5 The Country Girl Paramount Pictures $6,500,000[1]
6 The High and the Mighty
A Star Is Born
Warner Bros. Pictures $6,100,000[1]
7 Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer $5,526,000[2]
8 Rear Window Paramount Pictures $5,300,000[1]
9 Magnificent Obsession Universal Pictures $5,200,000[1]
10 There's No Business Like Show Business 20th Century Fox $5,103,555[3]


International market Film Studio Revenue Admissions Production country
France Royal Affairs in Versailles Cocinor 6,986,788[4] France
Germany From Here to Eternity Columbia Pictures 13,000,000[5] United States
India Nagin Filmistan $6,090,000[6][7] India
Italy Ulysses Lux Film 13,170,322[8] Italy
Japan What Is Your Name? Part 3 Shochiku ¥330,150,000[9] Japan
Soviet Union Awaara R. K. Films $16,970,000[d] 100,000,000[12] India
Spain Quo Vadis Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer 3,721,532[14] United States
United Kingdom Doctor in the House Rank Organisation 12,200,000[15] United Kingdom


  • A reproduction of "America's First Movie Studio", Thomas Edison's Black Maria, is constructed.
  • May 12 — The Marx Brothers' Zeppo Marx divorces wife Marion Benda. The two were married in 1927.
  • September 29 — A Star is Born premieres and marks Judy Garland's comeback after her termination from her contract at MGM. An astounding success with critics and audiences, A Star is Born not only marked the first time that legendary director George Cukor had made a film musical and film that is in Technicolor and in the anamorphic widescreen format, but also it has been regarded as one of the Garland's best performances in her film career.
  • November 3 — The film Godzilla premieres in Japan. It became a huge success and became the first in series of Godzilla film, the longest running film series in history.[16]


Category/Organization 12th Golden Globe Awards
February 24, 1955
27th Academy Awards
March 30, 1955
Drama Comedy or Musical
Best Film On the Waterfront Carmen Jones On the Waterfront
Best Director Elia Kazan
On the Waterfront
Best Actor Marlon Brando
On the Waterfront
James Mason
A Star Is Born
Marlon Brando
On the Waterfront
Best Actress Grace Kelly
The Country Girl
Judy Garland
A Star Is Born
Grace Kelly
The Country Girl
Best Supporting Actor Edmond O'Brien
The Barefoot Contessa
Best Supporting Actress Jan Sterling
The High and the Mighty
Eva Marie Saint
On the Waterfront
Best Screenplay, Adapted Ernest Lehman
George Seaton
The Country Girl
Best Screenplay, Original Budd Schulberg
On the Waterfront
Best Foreign Language Film Genevieve
The Lady of the Camellias
No Way Back
Twenty-Four Eyes
Gate of Hell

Top ten money-making stars[edit]

Exhibitors selected the following as the Top Ten Money Making Stars of the Year in Quigley Publishing Company's annual poll. John Wayne became the first actor to regain the number one spot after losing that position.[17]

Rank Actor/Actress
1. John Wayne
2. Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis
3. Gary Cooper
4. James Stewart
5. Marilyn Monroe
6. Alan Ladd
7. William Holden
8. Bing Crosby
9. Jane Wyman
10. Marlon Brando

Top Western stars[edit]

The poll also revealed the top Western stars.

Rank Actor/Actress
1. Roy Rogers
2. Gene Autry
3. Rex Allen
4. Wild Bill Elliott
5. Gabby Hayes

Notable films released in 1954[edit]

United States unless stated

























Short film series[edit]



Film debuts[edit]


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