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The 1955 1000 km Buenos Aires took place on 23 January, on the Autódromo Municipal-Avenida Paz, (Buenos Aires, Argentina). It was the second running of the race, and once again, it was opening round of the F.I.A. World Sports Car Championship. For this event, a longer section of the Autopista General Pablo Riccheri route was added, making the circuit 17.136 km in length.



Valiente/Ibanez - Winners of the 1000 km of Buenos Aires

A grand total of 55 racing cars were registered for this event, of which all arrived for practice and qualifying. Although this was the first major sports car race of the year, the race was poorly supported by the work of teams. Only Ferrari and Equipe Gordini sent cars from Europe. Both teams were represented by two cars in the race. Ferrari send a Ferrari 376 S for Maurice Trintignant and José Froilán González, and a 750 Monza for Umberto Maglioli and Clemar Bucci. Meanwhile, France was represented by a Gordini T24S in the hands of Élie Bayol and Harry Schell, and a T15 for the Argentine pairing of Adolfo Schwelm Cruz and Pedro J. Llano. The remainers of the field were cars from South America.[1][2]


The French Grand Prix racer, Trintignant took pole position for Scuderia Ferrari, in their Ferrari 376 S.[3]


The race was held over 58 laps of the 10.648 miles, Autódromo Municipal-Avenida Paz, giving a distance of 617.574 miles (993.888 km). In the race, both factory Ferraris were disqualified, leaving the privately entered Ferrari 375 Plus of Enrique Saenz Valiente and José-Maria Ibanez to win by nearing five minutes. Car number 4, took an impressive victory, winning in a time of 6hrs 35:15.4 mins., averaging a speed of 93.748 mph. In second was another locally prepared Ferrari, of Carlos Najurieta and César Rivero. The podium was complete by Equipo Presidente Peron’s Maserati A6GCS of José M. Faraoni and Ricardo Grandio, who were two laps adrift, but did win their class.[4][5][6]

Official Classification[edit]

Class Winners are in Bold text.

Pos No Class Driver Entrant Chassis Laps Reason Out
1st 4 S+3.0 Argentina Enrique Saenz Valiente Argentina José-Maria Ibanez Ferrari 375 Plus 6hr 35:15.4, 58
2nd 8 S3.0 Argentina Carlos Najurieta Argentina César Rivero Ferrari 375 MM 6hr 40:12.1, 58
3rd 30 S3.0 Argentina José M. Faraoni Argentina Ricardo Grandio Equipo Presidente Peron Maserati A6GCS/53 56
4th 34 S1.5 Guatemala Jaroslav Juhan Argentina Jorge Salas Chaves Porsche 550 Spyder 56
5th 14 S3.0 France Élie Bayol United States Harry Schell Equipe Gordini Gordini T24S 54
6th 26 S3.0 Argentina Jorge Camano Argentina Oscar Camaňo Ferrari 225 S Vignale Spyder 54
7th 32 S3.0 Argentina Alejandro de Tomaso Argentina César Reyes Maserati A6GCS 52
8th 52 Mod. T Argentina Oscar Alfredo Gálvez Brazil Eduardo Martins Ford V-8 52
9th 18 S3.0 Argentina Luis Milán Argentina Elpidio Tortone Ferrari 625 TF 51
10th 50 Mod. T Argentina Juan-Carlos Garavaglia Argentina Manuel Rodríguez Ford V-8 51
11th 66 Mod. T Argentina Guillermo G. Airaldi Argentina Douglas Marimon Alfa Romeo 1900 49
12th 102 Mod. T Argentina Angel de la Rosa Argentina Angel Antenine Ford V-8 48
13th 96 Mod. T Argentina Hector della Romana Ford V-8 45
14th 48 S1.5 Argentina Patricio Badaracco Argentina Ernesto Tornquist Cisitalia-Abarth 202 44
15th 92 Mod. T Argentina Eugenio Modica Argentina Ignacio Espina Ford V-8 43
16th 24 S3.0 Argentina Angel Maiocchi Argentina Carlos Lostalo Ferrari 225 S Vignale Spyder 42
17th 70 Mod. T Argentina Antonio Pereyra Argentina A. Cea Ford V-8 42
18th 22 S3.0 Argentina Alvaro Piano Argentina Miguel Schroeder Ferrari 225 S 42
DNF 12 S+3.0 Argentina José M. Millet Argentina Gabriel Gabin Jaguar C-Type 41 Fuel tank
DNF 40 S3.0 Argentina Adolfo Schwelm Cruz Argentina Pedro J. Llano Equipe Gordini Gordini T15S 40 Gearbox
19th 90 Mod.T Argentina Juan V. Carrica Argentina J. Arias Moreno Ford V-8 39
DISQ 20 S3.0 Italy Umberto Maglioli Argentina Clemar Bucci Scuderia Ferrari Ferrari 750 Monza 33 Push start
DISQ 10 S+3.0 France Maurice Trintignant Argentina José Froilán González Scuderia Ferrari Ferrari 376 S 27 Incorrect entry into pits
NC 38 S1.5 West Germany Curt Delfosse Gordini-Porsche T15 Special 22
DNF 2 S+3.0 Argentina Franco Bruno Argentina Carlos Bruno Allard-Cadillac J2X 19 Brakes
DNF 6 S+3.0 Argentina Roberto Bonomi Argentina Ernesto Florenico Castro Cranwell Ferrari 375 MM Speciale 7 Fuel system
DNF 16 S3.0 Argentina Alberto Rodriguez Larreta Argentina David Speroni Ferrari 250 MM Pinin Farina Brakes
DNF 36 S1.5 Argentina Tomas Mayol Argentina Juan Gobbi Porsche 356 Super Axle
DNF 40 S1.5 Argentina Ernesto Tornquist Argentina Miguel Nadie Porsche 550 Spyder Accident
DNF 42 S1.5 Argentina Lucio Bollaert Argentina Carlos Stabile Gordini T15S Gearbox
DNF 46 S1.5 Argentina Jorge B. Saggese Argentina Rafaele Sedano Acosta Abarth 207A Spyder Sport Engine
DNF 54 Mod. T Argentina Ernesto Petrini Argentina Domingo Colanero Ford V-8 DNF
DNF 56 Mod. T Argentina Felix Alberto Peduzzi Argentina Eduardo del Molino Chevrolet Bel Air DNF
DNF 58 Mod. T Argentina Jorge Descote Ford V-8 DNF
DNF 60 Mod. T Argentina Pablo Birger Ford V-8 DNF
DNF 62 Mod. T Argentina Esteban Sokol Argentina E. Ojea Ford V-8 DNF
DNF 64 Mod. T Argentina Ernesto Blanco Argentina N. Larocca Ford V-8 DNF
DNF 68 Mod. T Argentina Juan Fernando Piersanti Argentina J. Colanero Ford V-8 DNF
DNF 74 Mod. T Argentina Juan C. Navone Argentina D. Teseire Ford V-8 DNF
DNF 76 Mod. T Argentina Marcelo Aloe Velcher Argentina B. Marciulevicus Chevrolet Bel Air DNF
DNF 78 Mod. T Argentina Elmer J. Oppen Ford V-8 DNF
DNF 80 Mod. T Argentina Rodolfo de Ălzaga Argentina R. Luro Ford V-8 DNF
DNF 82 Mod. T Argentina José Lorenzetti Ford V-8 DNF
DNF 84 Mod. T Argentina Enrique D’Ascanio Argentina Hugo Vázquez Ford V-8 DNF
DNF 86 Mod. T Argentina Luis F. González Argentina J. N. Soto Ford V-8 DNF
DNF 88 Mod. T Argentina Plinio Rosetto Ford V-8 DNF
DNF 94 Mod. T Argentina Raul Alonso Ford V-8 DNF
DNF 98 Mod. T Argentina Antonio Gomez Ford V-8 DNF
DNF 100 S+3.0 Argentina “Carming” Argentina Carlos Guimarey Maserati-Ford DNF
DNF 104 Mod. T Argentina Francisco de Ridder Argentina Carlo Tomasi Ford V-8 DNF
DNF 106 Mod. T Argentina Segundo Ale Argentina E, Canriero Chevrolet Bel Air DNF
DNF 110 Mod. T Argentina Elmer J. Oppen Ford V-8 DNF
DNF 111 Mod. T Argentina Emilio Boretto Ford V-8 DNF
DNS 3 S1.5 Argentina Ernesto Tornquist Gordini T11S Engine
DNS 44 S1.5 Argentina Oscar J. González Argentina Jorge Malbrand Porsche 550 Spyder
DNS 72 Mod.T Argentina Tadeo Taddia Argentina Sebastián Messino Chevrolet Bel Air


Class Winners[edit]

Class Winners
Sports +3000 4 Ferrari 375 Plus Saenz Valiente / Ibanez
Sports 3000 30 Maserati A6GCS/53 Faraoni / Grandio
Sports 1500 34 Porsche 550 Spyder Juhan / Salas Chaves
Modified Touring 52 Ford V-8 Gálvez / Martins


Standings after the race[edit]

Pos Championship Points
1 Italy Ferrari 8
2 Italy Maserati 4
3 West Germany Porsche 3
4 France Gordini 2
  • Note: Only the top five positions are included in this set of standings.

Championship points were awarded for the first six places in each race in the order of 8-6-4-3-2-1. Manufacturers were only awarded points for their highest finishing car with no points awarded for positions filled by additional cars. Only the best 4 results out of the 6 races could be retained by each manufacturer. Points earned but not counted towards the championship totals are listed within brackets in the above table.


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