1957–58 European Cup

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1957–58 European Cup
Stade Roi Baudouin.JPG
The Heysel Stadium in Brussels hosted the final.
Tournament details
Dates4 September 1957 – 28 May 1958
Final positions
ChampionsSpain Real Madrid (3rd title)
Runners-upItaly Milan
Tournament statistics
Matches played48
Goals scored189 (3.94 per match)
Top scorer(s)Spain Alfredo Di Stéfano (10 goals)

The 1957–58 European Cup was the third season of the European Cup, Europe's premier club football tournament. The competition was won by Real Madrid, who beat Milan 3–2 in the final, following a 2–2 draw after 90 minutes. This was Real Madrid's third European Cup title in a row. However, the 1957–58 season was marred by the air disaster in Munich, when eight Manchester United players lost their lives on their way home from Belgrade, after a 3–3 draw in the quarter-final second leg with Red Star Belgrade. The English champions were ultimately defeated in the semi-finals by the eventual runners-up, AC Milan of Italy.

It was the first time that teams from the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and East Germany participated, while Turkey could not send any club, since the Turkish FA failed to register Beşiktaş for the draw in time.[1] Sevilla was invited despite having been runners-up in Spain the year before, as Spanish champions Real Madrid had already qualified as holders; the two Spanish sides met in the quarter-finals, the first time two sides from the same country played against each other in the competition.

Preliminary round[edit]

The draw for the preliminary round took place at the headquarters of the French Football Federation in Paris on Tuesday, 23 July 1957.[2] As title holders, Real Madrid received a bye, and the remaining 23 teams were grouped geographically into three pots. The first four teams drawn in each pot, and four more teams in pot 1, would play the preliminary round in September, while the remaining clubs received byes.

Pot 1
Western Europe
Pot 2
Central Europe
Pot 3
Eastern Europe
Drawn Match 1

Republic of Ireland Shamrock Rovers

Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Red Star Belgrade

Poland Gwardia Warszawa

England Manchester United

Luxembourg Stade Dudelange

East Germany Wismut Karl Marx Stadt

Match 2

Spain Sevilla

Italy Milan

Bulgaria CDNA Sofia

Portugal Benfica

Austria Rapid Wien

Hungary Vasas

Match 3

Denmark Aarhus

Northern Ireland Glenavon

Match 4

Scotland Rangers

France Saint-Étienne


Sweden Norrköping

Switzerland Young Boys

Romania CCA București

Belgium Royal Antwerp

West Germany Borussia Dortmund

Czechoslovakia Dukla Prague

Netherlands Ajax

The calendar was decided by the involved teams, with all matches to be played by 30 September.

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
CDNA Sofia Bulgaria 3–7 Hungary Vasas 2–1 1–6
Rangers Scotland 4–3 France Saint-Étienne 3–1 1–2
Stade Dudelange Luxembourg 1–14 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Red Star Belgrade 0–5 1–9
AGF Denmark 3–0 Northern Ireland Glenavon 0–0 3–0
Gwardia Warszawa Poland 4–41 East Germany Wismut Karl Marx Stadt 3–1 1–3
Sevilla Spain 3–1 Portugal Benfica 3–1 0–0
Shamrock Rovers Republic of Ireland 2–92 England Manchester United 0–6 2–3
Milan Italy 6–63 Austria Rapid Wien 4–1 2–5

1 Wismut Karl Marx Stadt qualified due to a coin toss, after their play-off against Gwardia Warszawa was abandoned after 100 minutes due to floodlight power failure with the result of 1–1.

2 To allow an evening kick-off at Dalymount Park in Dublin, which had no floodlights, the teams agreed to change over at half-time without a break. Consequently, the Irish part-timers ran out of steam and Manchester United's 1–0 half-time lead increased to 6–0. The second leg, played under lights at Old Trafford with the normal half-time break, produced a closer scoreline.

3 Milan beat Rapid Wien 4–2 in a play-off to qualify.

First leg[edit]

CDNA Sofia Bulgaria2–1Hungary Vasas
Milanov Goal 2'38' Report Bundzsák Goal 53'

Rangers Scotland3–1France Saint-Étienne
Kichenbrand Goal 19'
Scott Goal 47'
Simpson Goal 82'
Report Mekloufi Goal 14'
Attendance: 85,000
Referee: Leo Helge (Denmark)

Stade Dudelange Luxembourg0–5Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Red Star Belgrade
Report Kostić Goal 11'16'
Rudinski Goal 47'55'
Mitić Goal 87'

AGF Denmark0–0Northern Ireland Glenavon
Attendance: 14,000

Sevilla Spain3–1Portugal Benfica
Pahuet Goal 46'
Antoniet Goal 59'
Pepillo Goal 79'
Report Palmeiro Goal 48'

Shamrock Rovers Republic of Ireland0–6England Manchester United
Report T. Taylor Goal 36'63'
Whelan Goal 51'57'
Berry Goal 71'
Pegg Goal 72'
Attendance: 45,000

Milan Italy4–1Austria Rapid Wien
Grillo Goal 4'
Bean Goal 8'
Höltl Goal 74' (o.g.)
Mariani Goal 82'
Report Dienst Goal 58'
Attendance: 15,000

Second leg[edit]

Saint-Étienne France2–1Scotland Rangers
Ferrier Goal 18'
Oleksiak Goal 72'
Report Wilson Goal 61'

Rangers won 4–3 on aggregate.

Glenavon Northern Ireland0–3Denmark AGF
Report Kjær Andersen Goal 13'45'
Jensen Goal 40'

Aarhus won 3–0 on aggregate.

Benfica Portugal0–0Spain Sevilla
Attendance: 50,000

Sevilla won 3–1 on aggregate.

Red Star Belgrade Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia9–1Luxembourg Stade Dudelange
Cokić Goal 5'38'66'69'
Mitić Goal 10'
Kostić Goal 17'29'30'33'
Report Rongoni Goal 31'
Attendance: 1,500
Referee: Cesare Jonni (Italy)

Red Star Belgrade won 14–1 on aggregate.

Manchester United England3–2Republic of Ireland Shamrock Rovers
Viollet Goal 5'60'
Pegg Goal 20'
Report McCann Goal 55'
Hamilton Goal 66'
Attendance: 33,754

Manchester United won 9–2 on aggregate.

Vasas Hungary6–1Bulgaria CDNA Sofia
Csordás Goal 35'38'51'
Berendi Goal 48'
Bundzsák Goal 68'
Szilágyi Goal 89'
Report Panayotov Goal 25'
Attendance: 30,000

Vasas won 7–3 on aggregate.

Rapid Wien Austria5–2Italy Milan
A. Körner Goal 1'
Dienst Goal 31'
Bertalan Goal 57'
Riegler Goal 62'
Hanappi Goal 78'
Report Grillo Goal 19'
Bean Goal 77'
Attendance: 25,000

Milan 6–6 Rapid Wien on aggregate.

Wismut Karl Marx Stadt East Germany3–1Poland Gwardia Warszawa
M. Kaiser Goal 10'
S. Kaiser Goal 74'80'
Report Baszkiewicz Goal 60'

Gwardia Warszawa 4–4 Wismut Karl Marx Stadt on aggregate.


Milan Italy4–2Austria Rapid Wien
Bean Goal 6'82'
Bergamaschi Goal 41'
Schiaffino Goal 54'
Report Happel Goal 38' (pen.)
Bertalan Goal 72'
Attendance: 26,000

Milan won play-off 4–2.

Wismut Karl Marx Stadt qualified due to a coin toss, after their play-off against Gwardia Warszawa was abandoned with the result of 1–1 after 100 minutes due to floodlight power failure.

First round[edit]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Royal Antwerp Belgium 1–8 Spain Real Madrid 1–2 0–6
Norrköping Sweden 3–4 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Red Star Belgrade 2–2 1–2
Wismut Karl Marx Stadt East Germany 1–4 Netherlands Ajax 1–3 0–1
Young Boys Switzerland 2–3 Hungary Vasas 1–1 1–2
Manchester United England 3–1 Czechoslovakia Dukla Prague 3–0 0–1
Sevilla Spain 4–2 Denmark AGF 4–0 0–2
Borussia Dortmund West Germany 5–51 Romania CCA București 4–2 1–3
Rangers Scotland 1–6 Italy Milan 1–4 0–2

1 Borussia Dortmund beat CCA Bucureşti 3–1 in a play-off to qualify for the quarter-finals.

First leg[edit]

Royal Antwerp Belgium1–2Spain Real Madrid
De Backer Goal 58' Report Di Stéfano Goal 15'61'
Attendance: 45,000
Referee: Dean Harzic (France)

Norrköping Sweden2–2Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Red Star Belgrade
Håkansson Goal 75'
Källgren Goal 85'
Report Toplak Goal 88'
Kostić Goal 90'
Attendance: 10,893
Referee: Józef Kowal (Poland)

Wismut Karl Marx Stadt East Germany1–3Netherlands Ajax
Müller Goal 87' Report van der Kuil Goal 5'62'
Bleijenberg Goal 17'
Attendance: 30,000

Young Boys Switzerland1–1Hungary Vasas
Wechselberger Goal 7' Report Csordás Goal 90'
Attendance: 20,000

Manchester United England3–0Czechoslovakia Dukla Prague
Webster Goal 63'
T. Taylor Goal 65'
Pegg Goal 79'

Sevilla Spain4–0Denmark AGF
Antoniet Goal 6'30'
Loren Goal 24'52'
Attendance: 40,000

Borussia Dortmund West Germany4–2Romania CCA București
Peters Goal 35'62'64'
Niepieklo Goal 66'
Report Zavoda I Goal 43'
Bone Goal 50'
Attendance: 42,000
Referee: Jack Mowat (Scotland)

Rangers Scotland1–4Italy Milan
Murray Goal 31' Report Grillo Goal 75'83'
Baruffi Goal 81'
Bean Goal 86'
Attendance: 85,000

Second leg[edit]

Red Star Belgrade Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia2–1Sweden Norrköping
Spajić Goal 75'88' Report Backman Goal 16'
Attendance: 20,000

Red Star Belgrade won 4–3 on aggregate.

Ajax Netherlands1–0East Germany Wismut Karl Marx Stadt
Ouderland Goal 79' Report
Attendance: 23,000

Ajax won 4–1 on aggregate.

Real Madrid Spain6–0Belgium Royal Antwerp
Rial Goal 2'4'41'
Marsal Goal 52'
Kopa Goal 79'
Gento Goal 89'

Real Madrid won 8–1 on aggregate.

Vasas Hungary2–1Switzerland Young Boys
Csordás Goal 8'12' Report Schneiter Goal 89'
Attendance: 20,000

Vasas won 3–2 on aggregate.

Dukla Prague Czechoslovakia1–0England Manchester United
Dvořák Goal 17' Report
Attendance: 30,000

Manchester United won 3–1 on aggregate.

AGF Denmark2–0Spain Sevilla
Jensen Goal 41'86' Report
Attendance: 18,000

Sevilla won 4–2 on aggregate.

Borussia Dortmund 5–5 CCA Bucureşti on aggregate.

Italy Milan2–0Rangers Scotland
Baruffi Goal 37'
Galli Goal 48'

Milan won 6–1 on aggregate.


Borussia Dortmund West Germany3–1Romania CCA București
Dulz Goal 15'
Kelbassa Goal 62'
Preißler Goal 79'
Report Cacoveanu Goal 35'
Attendance: 8,000
Referee: Cesare Jonni (Italy)

Borussia Dormund won the play-off 3–1.


Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Manchester United England 5–4 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Red Star Belgrade 2–1 3–3
Real Madrid Spain 10–2 Spain Sevilla 8–0 2–2
Ajax Netherlands 2–6 Hungary Vasas 2–2 0–4
Borussia Dortmund West Germany 2–5 Italy Milan 1–1 1–4

First leg[edit]

Manchester United England2–1Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Red Star Belgrade
Charlton Goal 65'
Colman Goal 81'
Report Tasić Goal 35'
Attendance: 60,000

Real Madrid Spain8–0Spain Sevilla
Di Stéfano Goal 10'54' (pen.)85'88'
Kopa Goal 37'73'
Marsal Goal 48'
Gento Goal 81'

Ajax Netherlands2–2Hungary Vasas
Ouderland Goal 31'42' Report Bundzsák Goal 73'82'

Borussia Dortmund West Germany1–1Italy Milan
Bergamaschi Goal 90' (o.g.) Report Galli Goal 45'
Attendance: 28,000

Second leg[edit]

Red Star Belgrade Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia3–3England Manchester United
Kostić Goal 46'58'
Tasić Goal 50' (pen.)
Report Viollet Goal 2'
Charlton Goal 30'31'
Attendance: 52,000
Referee: Karl Kainer (Austria)

Manchester United won 5–4 on aggregate.

Sevilla Spain2–2Spain Real Madrid
Payá Goal 22'
Pahuet Goal 29'
Report Pereda Goal 48'62'
Attendance: 25,000

Real Madrid won 10–2 on aggregate.

Vasas Hungary4–0Netherlands Ajax
Bundzsák Goal 7'
Szilágyi Goal 9'39'
Csordás Goal 29'

Vasas won 6–2 on aggregate.

Milan Italy4–1West Germany Borussia Dortmund
Cucchiaroni Goal 11'
Liedholm Goal 21'
Galli Goal 63'
Grillo Goal 86'
Report Preißler Goal 37'
Attendance: 25,000

Milan won 5–2 on aggregate.


Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Real Madrid Spain 4–2 Hungary Vasas 4–0 0–2
Manchester United England 2–5 Italy Milan 2–1 0–4

First leg[edit]

Real Madrid Spain4–0Hungary Vasas
Di Stéfano Goal 9'42'50' (pen.)
Marsal Goal 46'

Manchester United England2–1Italy Milan
Viollet Goal 39'
E. Taylor Goal 80' (pen.)
Report Schiaffino Goal 24'
Attendance: 44,480
Referee: Leo Helge (Denmark)

Second leg[edit]

Vasas Hungary2–0Spain Real Madrid
Bundzsák Goal 25'
Csordás Goal 53' (pen.)
Attendance: 100,000

Real Madrid won 4–2 on aggregate.

Milan Italy4–0England Manchester United
Schiaffino Goal 2'76'
Liedholm Goal 51' (pen.)
Danova Goal 67'
Attendance: 60,000

Milan won 5–2 on aggregate.


Real Madrid Spain3–2 (a.e.t.)Italy Milan
Di Stéfano Goal 74'
Rial Goal 79'
Gento Goal 107'
Report Schiaffino Goal 59'
Grillo Goal 77'
Attendance: 70,000

Top scorers[edit]

The top scorers from the 1957–58 European Cup were as follows:

Rank Name Team Goals
1 Spain Alfredo Di Stéfano Spain Real Madrid 10
2 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Bora Kostić Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Red Star Belgrade 9
3 Hungary Lajos Csordás Hungary Vasas 8
4 Hungary Dezső Bundzsák Hungary Vasas 6
Argentina Ernesto Grillo Italy Milan 6
6 Italy Gastone Bean Italy Milan 5
UruguayItaly Juan Alberto Schiaffino Italy Milan 5
8 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Jovan Cokić Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Red Star Belgrade 4
ArgentinaSpain Héctor Rial Spain Real Madrid 4
England Dennis Viollet England Manchester United 4


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