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The 1957 College Football All-America team is composed of college football players who were selected as All-Americans by various organizations and writers that chose College Football All-America Teams in 1957. The seven selectors recognized by the NCAA as "official" for the 1957 season are (1) the Associated Press, (2) the United Press, (3) the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA), (4) the Football Writers Association of America (FWAA), (5) the International News Service (INS), (6) the Newspaper Enterprise Association (NEA), and (7) the Sporting News. The ESPN College Football Encyclopedia lists the All-America Board (AAB) as an eighth official selector.

Consensus All-Americans[edit]

For the year 1957, the NCAA awards guide lists seven published All-American teams as "official" designations for purposes of its consensus determinations.[1] The ESPN College Football Encyclopedia lists the All-America Board (AAB) as an eighth official selector.[2] The following chart identifies the NCAA-recognized consensus All-Americans and displays which first-team designations they received.

Name Position School Number Official Other
Jim Phillips End Auburn 8/8 AAB, AFCA, AP, FWAA, INS, NEA, SN, UP Time, WC
John David Crow Back Texas A&M 8/8 AAB, AFCA, AP, FWAA, INS, NEA, SN, UP Time, WC
Alex Karras Tackle Iowa 7/8 AAB, AP, FWAA, INS, NEA, SN, UP Time, WC
Lou Michaels Tackle Kentucky 7/8 AAB, AFCA, AP, FWAA, NEA, SN, UP Time, WC
Bill Krisher Guard Oklahoma 7/8 AAB, AP, FWAA, INS, NEA, SN, UP Time, WC
Dick Wallen End UCLA 6/8 AAB, AFCA, AP, FWAA, INS, NEA Time, WC
Walt Kowalczyk Back Michigan State 5/8 AFCA, FWAA, NEA, SN, UP Time, WC
Bob Anderson Back Army 5/8 FWAA, INS, NEA, SN, UP Time, WC
Dan Currie Center Michigan State 5/8 AAB, AFCA, AP, FWAA, INS Time, WC
King Hill Quarterback Rice 4/8 AAB, AFCA, AP, FWAA Time
Al Ecuyer Guard Notre Dame 3/8 INS, SN, UP Time, WC
Clendon Thomas Back Oklahoma 3/8 AFCA, SN, UP WC

All-American selections for 1957[edit]


  • Jim Phillips, Auburn (AAB, AFCA, AP-1, FWAA, INS-1, NEA-1, SN, UP-1, Time, WC)
  • Dick Wallen, UCLA (AAB, AFCA, AP-1, FWAA, INS-1, NEA-1, UP-2, Time, WC)
  • Jim Gibbons, Iowa (FWAA, INS-2, SN, AP-3, UP-1)
  • Fred Dugan, Dayton (FWAA, AP-2)
  • Les Walters, Penn State (AP-2)
  • Dave Kaiser, Michigan State (UP-2)
  • Dick Lasse, Syracuse (INS-2)
  • Gary Kapp, Utah State (INS-2)
  • Don Ellingsen, Washington State (AP-3, UP-3)
  • Buddy Dial, Rice (INS-2, UP-3)



  • Bill Krisher, Oklahoma (AAB, AP-1, FWAA, INS-1, NEA-1, SN, UP-1, Time, WC)
  • Al Ecuyer, Notre Dame (AP-2, INS-1, SN, Time, UP-1, WC)
  • Aurealius Thomas, Ohio State (AAB, AFCA, AP-1, FWAA, INS-2, UP-2)
  • Bill Johnson, Tennessee (FWAA, NEA-1, AP-3, UP-3)
  • Jackie Simpson, Mississippi (AFCA, FWAA, AP-2)
  • Roy Hord, Jr., Duke (INS-2, UP-2)
  • Stan Renning, Montana (INS-2)
  • Don Wilson, Texas (INS-2)
  • Joe Palermo, Dartmouth (AP-3, UP-3)





  • Bold – Consensus All-American[1]
  • -1 – First-team selection
  • -2 – Second-team selection
  • -3 – Third-team selection

Official selectors[edit]

Other selectors[edit]

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