1957 U.S. National Championships – Women's Singles

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Women's Singles
1957 U.S. National Championships
ChampionUnited States Althea Gibson
Runner-upUnited States Louise Brough[1]
Final score6–3, 6–2
Singles men women
Doubles men women
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First-seeded Althea Gibson defeated second-seeded Louise Brough 6–3, 6–2 in the final to win the Women's Singles tennis title at the 1957 U.S. National Championships.[1]


The seeded players are listed below. Althea Gibson is the champion; others show in brackets the round in which they were eliminated.

  1. United States Althea Gibson (Champion)
  2. United States Louise Brough (Finalist)
  3. United States Dorothy Knode (Semifinalist)
  4. United Kingdom Shirley Bloomer (Quarterfinalist)
  5. United States Darlene Hard (Semifinalist)
  6. United Kingdom Christine Truman (Third round)
  7. United Kingdom Ann Haydon (Quarterfinalist)
  8. Australia Mary Hawton (Quarterfinalist)


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