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The 1958 RAC Tourist Trophy took place on 13 September, on the Goodwood Circuit, (England). It was also the sixth and final round of the F.I.A. World Sports Car Championship. This was the first time the event had taken place, since 1955 following the death of three drivers during the race.

Goodwood Circuit



A grand total 36 racing cars were registered for this event, of which 29 arrived for practice and qualifying. Scuderia Ferrari, did entry one car for the event, 250 TR 58, but were among those who did not arrive, perhaps the disinterest from Maranello was due to the lack of drivers and the fact that their victory at Le Mans had given them the Championship. The event also did not attract the Belgian equipes. The entry was therefore headed by the three works Aston Martins, entered under the name of David Brown Ltd.. Their DBR1/300s were from Stirling Moss/Tony Brooks, Carroll Shelby/Stuart Lewis-Evans and Roy Salvadori/Jack Brabham.[1][2][3]


The Aston Martin DBR1/300 of Stirling Moss took pole position, averaging a speed of 93.913 mph around the 2.4 mile circuit.[1]


Of the 29 starters, only the three Astons were considered the potential winners, and so it proved as they finished in the first three places, winning the Team Awards in the process. The winning partnership of Moss/Brooks won in a time of 4hr 01:17.0mins., averaging a speed of 88.324 mph. They covered a distance of 355.2 miles. Just 0.4 seconds behind came Salvadori/Brabham, with Shelby/Lewis-Evans the same margin adrift in complete the podium.[2][3][4]

Official Classification[edit]

Class Winners are in Bold text.

Pos No Class Driver Entrant Chassis Laps Reason Out
1st 7 S3.0 United Kingdom Stirling Moss United Kingdom Tony Brooks David Brown Ltd. Aston Martin DBR1/300 4hrs 01:17.000, 148
2nd 9 S3.0 United Kingdom Roy Salvadori Australia Jack Brabham David Brown Ltd. Aston Martin DBR1/300 4hrs 01:17.400, 148
3rd 8 S3.0 United States Carroll Shelby United Kingdom Stuart Lewis-Evans David Brown Ltd. Aston Martin DBR1/300 4hrs 01:17.800, 148
4th 21 S2.0 France Jean Behra East Germany Edgar Barth Dr. Porsche Porsche 718 RSK 144
5th 4 S3.0 United States Masten Gregory United Kingdom Innes Ireland Ecurie Ecosse Jaguar D-Type 143
6th 6 S3.0 United Kingdom Duncan Hamilton United Kingdom Peter Blond Duncan Hamilton Jaguar D-Type 142
7th 42 S1.1 United Kingdom Peter Ashdown United Kingdom Gordon Jones Team Lotus Lotus- Climax Eleven 138
8th 22 S2.0 Netherlands Carel Godin de Beaufort Brazil Christian Heins Dr.Porsche Porsche 550 RS 135
9th 12 S3.0 United Kingdom Jonathan Sieff United Kingdom Maurice Charles Jonathan Sieff Jaguar D-Type 135
10th 46 S1.1 United Kingdom Mike Taylor United Kingdom Keith Greene Gilby Engineering Co. Lotus-Climax Lotus-Climax Eleven 134
11th 50 S1.1 United Kingdom Henry Taylor United Kingdom Nicholas Green J.V. Green Lotus-Climax Eleven 131
12th 43 S1.1 United States Carl Haas United Kingdom John Brown Elva Racing Team Elva-Climax Mk III 131
13th 27 S1.1 United Kingdom Bill Frost United Kingdom Dickie Stoop Car Exchange Racing Team Lotus-Climax Eleven 128
14th 28 S2.0 United Kingdom Tommy Bridger United Kingdom Alan Foster Richard W. Jacobs MG A Twin Cam 127
15th 47 S1.1 United Kingdom Jack Wescott United Kingdom Peter Arundell Innes Ireland Ltd. Lotus-Climax Eleven 125
16th 49 S1.1 United Kingdom Eric Broadley United Kingdom Peter Gammon E.H. Broadley Lola-Climax Mk.1 124
17th 41 S1.1 United Kingdom Alan Stacey United Kingdom Keith Hall Team Lotus Lotus-Climax Eleven 121
18th 48 S1.1 United Kingdom Douglas Graham United Kingdom Christopher Martyn Innes Ireland Ltd. Lotus-Climax Eleven 110
19th 29 S2.0 United Kingdom Mike Anthony United Kingdom Ted Whiteaway Rudd Racing Team AC Ace LM 105
NC 45 S1.1 United Kingdom Ian Burgess United Kingdom Robbie MacKenzie-Low Elva Racing Team Elva-Climax Mk IV 102
NC 52 S1.1 United Kingdom Jimmy Blumer United Kingdom Stuart Dodd Jimmy Blumer Lotus-Climax Eleven 99
DNF 24 S2.0 New Zealand Bruce McLaren New Zealand Syd Jensen John Coombs Racing Organisation Lotus-Climax 15 53 Gearbox
DNF 11 S3.0 New Zealand Ross Jensen
United Kingdom Bruce Halford
United Kingdom Ivor Bueb B. Lister Lt Engineering Lister-Jaguar 51 Suspension
DNF 30 S2.0 United Kingdom Cliff Allison United Kingdom Graham Hill Team Lotus Lotus-Climax 15 39 Engine
DNF 26 S2.0 United Kingdom David Shale United Kingdom John Dalton M. Trimble Lotus-Climax Eleven 24 Gearbox
DNF 53 S1.1 United Kingdom John Fisher United Kingdom Les Leston John Fisher Lotus-Climax Eleven 20 Gearbox
DNF 44 S1.1 United Kingdom Ian Raby United Kingdom Eugene Hall Elva Racing Team Elva-Climax Mk III 15 Accident
DNF 10 S3.0 United Kingdom Ivor Bueb United Kingdom Bruce Halford B. Lister Lt Engineering Lister-Jaguar 10 Accident
DNF 25 S2.0 United Kingdom Edward Greenall United Kingdom John Campbell-Jones J. King Lotus-Climax 15 9 Accident
DNS 3 S3.0 Belgium Claude Dubois Belgium Yves Tassin Equipe Nationale Belge Lister-Jaguar Engine


Class Winners[edit]

Class Winners
Sports +2000 7 Aston Martin DBR1/300 Moss / Brooks
Sports 2000 21 Porsche 718 RSK Behra / Barth
Sports 1100 42 Lotus-Climax Eleven Ashdown / Jones


Standings after the race[edit]

Pos Championship Points
1 Italy Ferrari 32 (38)
2 West Germany Porsche 18 (20)
3 United Kingdom Aston Martin 18
4 United Kingdom Lotus 3
5 Italy Osca 2
  • Note: Only the top five positions are included in this set of standings.

Championship points were awarded for the first six places in each race in the order of 8-6-4-3-2-1, excepting the RAC Tourist Trophy, for which points were awarded on a 4-3-2-1 for the first four places. Manufacturers were only awarded points for their highest finishing car with no points awarded for positions filled by additional cars. Only the best 4 results out of the 6 races could be retained by each manufacturer. Points earned but not counted towards the championship totals are listed within brackets in the above table.


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