1958 National Challenge Cup

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The 1958 National Challenge Cup was the 45th edition of the United States Soccer Football Association's annual open soccer championship.



March 3 - April 27 May 4 - May 18
PA Pittsburgh Beadling 1
MI Ukrainian SC 0
PA Pittsburgh Beadling 2-1
MD Baltimore Pompei 1-3
MD Baltimore Pompei 4-5
NY S.C. Eintracht 2-6


March 23 - April 6 April 20
CA Los Angeles Kickers 5-8
CA Teutonis SC 0-2
CA Los Angeles Kickers 3
IL Ukrainian Lions 0
IL Ukrainian Lions 3-1
MO St. Louis Kutis 3-0


Baltimore Pompei (MA)1-2 (OT)Los Angeles Kickers (CA)
Goal 70' Goal 30' Willie Carson
Goal Willie Carson
Kirk Avenue Stadium, Baltimore, Maryland
Attendance: 7,500
Referee: (USA)

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