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List of years in music (table)
André Claveau wins at Eurovision 1958

This is a list of notable events in music that took place in the year 1958.


Albums released[edit]

Biggest hit singles[edit]

The following songs achieved the highest chart positions in the charts of 1958.

# Artist Title Year Country Chart Entries
1 Domenico Modugno Volare 1958 Italy US BB 1 – Aug 1958, US CashBox 1 of 1958, Italy 1 of 1958, Australia 1 for 5 weeks Mar 1958, Grammy in 1958, Canada 2 – Jul 1958, Norway 2 – Oct 1958, South Africa 5 of 1958, Australia 6 of 1958, UK 10 – Sep 1958, RYM 29 of 1958, Europe 34 of the 1950s, DDD 56 of 1958
2 The Kingston Trio Tom Dooley 1958 United States US BB 1 – Oct 1958, Canada 1 – Oct 1958, Norway 1 – Jan 1959, Australia 1 for 10 weeks May 1958, UK 5 – Nov 1958, Australia 5 of 1958, Italy 5 of 1959, South Africa 8 of 1958, Europe 18 of the 1950s, US CashBox 20 of 1958, US BB 37 of 1958, POP 37 of 1958, RYM 89 of 1958, DDD 94 of 1958, RIAA 197, Acclaimed 1001
3 The Platters Smoke Gets in Your Eyes 1958 United States UK 1 – Jan 1959, US BB 1 – Dec 1958, Canada 1 – Dec 1958, Australia 1 for 9 weeks Jul 1958, Australia 3 of 1959, South Africa 3 of 1959, Italy 4 of 1959, RYM 6 of 1958, US CashBox 14 of 1959, Europe 25 of the 1950s, DDD 34 of 1958, RIAA 190, Acclaimed 1720
4 The Everly Brothers Bird Dog 1958 United States US BB 1 – Aug 1958, Canada 1 – Aug 1958, Australia 1 for 3 weeks Mar 1958, UK 2 – Sep 1958, Australia 2 of 1958, US CashBox 5 of 1958, Norway 5 – Oct 1965, US BB 25 of 1958, POP 25 of 1958, RYM 30 of 1958, Europe 33 of the 1950s, DDD 35 of 1958, Italy 88 of 1959, Acclaimed 1925
5 Tommy Edwards It's All in the Game 1958 United States UK 1 – Oct 1958, US BB 1 – Aug 1958, Canada 1 – Sep 1958, Australia 1 for 1 weeks May 1958, US CashBox 2 of 1958, US BB 6 of 1958, POP 6 of 1958, Australia 7 of 1958, RYM 9 of 1951, US 1940s 18 – Nov 1951, South Africa 20 of 1958, DDD 47 of 1958

Top Hits on record[edit]

Published popular music[edit]

Other notable songs[edit]

Classical music[edit]


Sortable table
Composer Composition Date Location Performers
Archer, Violet Piano Trio No. 2 1958-04-20 United States Washington DC (IAFCM) Balsam, Gottlieb, Klein[1]
Ardévol, José Music for Little Orchestra 1958-04-19 United States Washington FC (IAFCM) Mexico National SymphonyHerrera de la Fuente[2]
Brian, Havergal Symphony No. 10 1958-11-03 United Kingdom London London PhilharmoniaPope[3]
Caamaño, Roberto Piano Concerto 1958-04-18 United States Washington DC (IAFCM) Caamaño / USA National SymphonyMitchell[4]
Ginastera, Alberto String Quartet No. 2 1958-04-19 United States Washington DC (IAFCM) Juilliard Quartet[5]
Guarnieri, Camargo Chôro for Clarinet and Orchestra 1958-04-20 United States Washington DC (IAFCM) Wright / USA National SymphonyMitchell[6]
Imbrie, Andrew Violin Concerto 1958-04-22 United States Berkeley, CA Robert Gross / San Francisco SymphonyJordá[7]
Lajtha, Lászlo Revolution Symphony (Symphony No. 7) 1958-04-26 France Paris Hungarian Radio OrchestraLehel[8]
Larsson, Lars-Erik Concertini: No. 5, for Horn 1958-01-24 Sweden Malmö Lanzky-Otto / Malmö SymphonyAxelsson[9]
Larsson, Lars-Erik Concertini: No. 8, for Violin 1958-03-13 Sweden Gothenburg Berlin / Gothenburg SymphonyEckerberg[10]
Ligeti, György Métamorphoses nocturnes (String Quartet No. 1) 1958-05-08 Austria Vienna Ramor Quartet[11]
Martinu, Bohuslav The Epic of Gilgamesh, oratorio 1958-01-24 Switzerland Basel Basel Chamber Orchestra and ChoirSacher[12]
Orrego-Salas, Juan String Quartet No. 1 1958-04-19 United States Washington DC (IAFCM) Juilliard Quartet[13]
Pettersson, Allan Concerto for Strings No. 3 1958-03-14 Sweden Stockholm Swedish Radio SymphonyMann[14]
Porter, Quincy New England Episodes 1958-04-18 United States Washington DC (IAFCM) USA National SymphonyMitchell[15]
Shchedrin, Rodion Symphony No. 1 1958-12-06 Soviet Union Moscow Moscow PhilharmonicRakhlin[16]
Stockhausen, Karlheinz Gruppen for three orchestras 1958-03-24 West Germany Cologne-Deutz (Koelnmesse, Musik der Zeit) Cologne Radio SymphonyStockhausen, Maderna, Boulez[17]
Vega, Aurelio de la String Quartet 1958-04-20 United States Washington DC (IAFCM) Claremont Quartet[18]
Villa-Lobos, Heitor String Quartet No. 15 1958-04-19 United States Washington DC (IAFCM) Juilliard Quartet[19]
Villa-Lobos, Heitor Symphony No. 12 1958-04-20 United States Washington DC (IAFCM) USA National SymphonyMitchell


Nocturne, for tenor, 7 obbligato instruments, and strings, Op. 60
Noye's Fludde, one-act opera, Op. 59
Sechs Hölderlin-Fragmente, for voice and piano, Op. 61
  • Earle BrownPentathis, for flute, bass clarinet, trumpet, trombone, harp, piano, violin, viola, and cello
  • John Cage
Aria, for solo voice
Concert, for piano and orchestra
Fontana Mix, for tape
Haiku, for any instruments
Music Walk, for piano (one or more players, also using radio and/or recordings)
Solo for Voice 1
TV Köln, for piano
Variations I, for any number of players, and any means
Andrée’s Birthday, for treble instrument
Birthday Piece, for 2 treble instruments
Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra
Duet, for 2 soprano instruments
[Duet], for 2 treble instruments
Henry’s Hornpipe, for treble instrument
Introduction and Allegro, for viola and harpsichord or piano
Jim’s B’day, for piano
Love to Sidney, for soprano instrument and piano:Rondo for Brass, for 3 trumpets, 2 horns, and 2 trombones
Lullaby for Philio, for treble instrument:Hymn and Fuguing Tune No. 12, for 3 horns
Wedding Rondo, for unaccompanied clarinet
Concerto per la notte di Natale dell’anno 1956, for soprano and chamber orchestra (revised version)
Requiescant, for chorus and orchestra
Prolation, for orchestra
Sextet, for flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, piano, violin, and cello
Ixion (Summerspace) (ballet), for ten instruments
Piano, for piano four-hands
Two Instruments, for horn and cello
Hay que bañar al nene (film score)
El límite (incidental music)
Primavera de la vida (film score)
String Quartet No. 2, Op. 26
Pequeño nocturno, for piano
Symphony No. 2 (unfinished)
Tierra (ballet), for orchestra
Cori di Didone, for chorus and percussion
Piccola gala notturna veneziana in onore dei 60 anni di Heinrich Strobel, for 14 instruments
La terra e la compagna, for soprano, tenor, chorus, and instruments
Saluto augurale, for orchestra
Serenata, for flute, harpsichord, percussion, viola, and contrabass
String Quartet
für stimmen ( … missa est): dt 31,6, for 12 vocal ensembles
Raum-Zeit Y, for instruments
String Quintet
Symphony No. 4
Kamitsukareta kaoyaku [A Boss Who was Bitten] (film score)
Kokusen’ya, incidental music
Pananpe no omoigakenai shōri no hanashi [The Story of Panape’s Unexpected Victory], for tenor, baritone, clarinet, vibraphone, piano, guitar, and percussion
Solitude sonore, for orchestra
Sora, uma, soshite shi [Sky, Horse and Death], for tape
Tableau noir, for speaker and chamber orchestra
Yume no hoshi [A Star in a Dream] (television music)
Utau dake, for chorus
Concerto for Flute and Orchestra
Eight Miniatures, for piano
Bendita sabedoria, for six-part choir
Fantasia, for wind orchestra
Fantasia concertante, for orchestra of cellos (at least 32 instruments)
Green Mansions (film score, concert arrangement as Forest of the Amazon)
Magnificat alleluia, solo voice, chorus, and orchestra
A menina das nuvens, musical adventure in three acts
Dust of Sorrow, for SATB choir
The Hour Glass (dramatic scene)
The Way a Crow, for SATB choir
Impromptu, for orchestra
Omnia tempus habent, canatata for soprano and 17 instruments


Musical theatre[edit]

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Eurovision Song Contest[edit]

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