1959–60 European Cup

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1959–60 European Cup
Hampden Park WP EN.JPG
Hampden Park in Glasgow hosted the final.
Tournament details
Dates26 August 1959 – 18 May 1960
Teams27 (26 competed)
Final positions
ChampionsSpain Real Madrid (5th title)
Runners-upWest Germany Eintracht Frankfurt
Tournament statistics
Matches played52
Goals scored218 (4.19 per match)
Top scorer(s)Hungary Ferenc Puskás (12 goals)

The 1959–60 European Cup was the fifth season of the European Cup, Europe's premier club football tournament. The competition was won by Real Madrid, who beat Eintracht Frankfurt 7–3 in the final at Hampden Park, Glasgow. It remains the record score for the European Cup final. It was Real Madrid's fifth consecutive European Cup title. It was also the first time that a German team, Eintracht Frankfurt, reached the final.

The tournament saw the first participation by a Greek club, having withdrawn from the previous season.

Preliminary round[edit]

The draw for the preliminary round took place in Cernobbio, Como, Italy, on 6 July 1959.[1] As title holders, Real Madrid received a bye, and the remaining 26 teams were grouped geographically into two pots. The first two teams drawn in each pot also received byes, while the remaining clubs would play the preliminary round in September.

Pot 1
Northern Europe
Pot 2
Southern Europe

Republic of Ireland
Northern Ireland
West Germany
East Germany



Netherlands Sparta Rotterdam

Switzerland BSC Young Boys

Denmark Boldklubben 1909

Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Red Star Belgrade

The calendar was decided by the involved teams, with all matches to be played by 30 September.

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Nice France 4–3 Republic of Ireland Shamrock Rovers 3–2 1–1
Eintracht Frankfurt West Germany (w/o)1 Finland Kuopion Palloseura
CDNA Sofia Bulgaria 4–8 Spain Barcelona 2–2 2–6
Wiener Sportclub Austria 2–1 Romania Petrolul Ploiești 0–0 2–1
Linfield Northern Ireland 3–7 Sweden IFK Göteborg 2–1 1–6
Jeunesse Esch Luxembourg 6–2 Poland ŁKS Łódź 5–0 1–2
Cervena Hviezda Bratislava Czechoslovakia 4–1 Portugal Porto 2–1 2–0
Olympiacos Greece 3–5 Italy Milan 2–2 1–3
Fenerbahçe Turkey 4–3 Hungary Csepel 1–1 3–2
Rangers Scotland 7–2 Belgium Anderlecht 5–2 2–0
Vorwärts Berlin East Germany 2–3 England Wolverhampton Wanderers 2–1 0–2

1 Kuopion Palloseura withdrew after the draw, Eintracht Frankfurt walkover.

First leg[edit]

Nice France3–2Republic of Ireland Shamrock Rovers
Foix Goal 18'63'
Nurenberg Goal 36'
Report Turner Goal 29'
Hamilton Goal 76'

CDNA Sofia Bulgaria2–2Spain Barcelona
Rakarov Goal 16'
Kolev Goal 80'
Report Segarra Goal 30'
Martínez Goal 61'
Attendance: 55,000
Referee: John Clough (England)

Wiener Sportclub Austria0–0Romania Petrolul Ploiești
Attendance: 50,000

Linfield Northern Ireland2–1Sweden IFK Göteborg
Milburn Goal 23'30' Report Johansson Goal 38'
Attendance: 40,000

Jeunesse Esch Luxembourg5–0Poland ŁKS Łódź
Theis Goal 6'
May Goal 24'
Schaak Goal 55'
Meurisse Goal 80'85'

Cervena Hviezda Bratislava Czechoslovakia2–1Portugal Porto
Gajdoš Goal 25'
Scherer Goal 77'
Report Teixeira Goal 32'
Attendance: 35,000
Referee: Marcel Bois (France)

Olympiacos Greece2–2Italy Milan
Papazoglou Goal 20'
Yfantis Goal 44'
Report Altafini Goal 33'72'
Attendance: 20,954

Fenerbahçe Turkey1–1Hungary Csepel
Bartu Goal 73' Report Kisuczky Goal 1'

Rangers Scotland5–2Belgium Anderlecht
Millar Goal 1'
Scott Goal 2'
Matthew Goal 50'
Baird Goal 65'73'
Report Stockman Goal 52'
Dewael Goal 64'
Attendance: 69,423
Referee: Leo Helge (Denmark)

Vorwärts Berlin East Germany2–1England Wolverhampton Wanderers
Nöldner Goal 24'
Kohle Goal 29'
Report Broadbent Goal 15'

Second leg[edit]

Petrolul Ploiești Romania1–2Austria Wiener Sportclub
Bădulescu Goal 55' Report Horak Goal 23'28'
Attendance: 20,000

Wiener Sportclub beat Petrolul Ploiești 2–1 on aggregate.

Shamrock Rovers Republic of Ireland1–1France Nice
Hennessy Goal 16' Report Faivre Goal 32'
Attendance: 35,000

Nice beat Shamrock Rovers 4–3 on aggregate.

Barcelona Spain6–2Bulgaria CDNA Sofia
Kubala Goal 6'11'45' (pen.)
Evaristo Goal 39'68'78'
Report Milanov Goal 24'
Martinov Goal 57'
Attendance: 80,000

Barcelona beat CDNA Sofia 8–4 on aggregate.

IFK Göteborg Sweden6–1Northern Ireland Linfield
Ohlsson Goal 17'18'50'62'80'
Johansson Goal 48'
Report Dickson Goal 19'
Attendance: 10,475

IFK Göteborg beat Linfield 7–3 on aggregate.

ŁKS Łódź Poland2–1Luxembourg Jeunesse Esch
Szymborski Goal 61' (pen.)85' Report Jann Goal 42'
Attendance: 25,000

Jeunesse Esch beat ŁKS Łódź 6–2 on aggregate.

Milan Italy3–1Greece Olympiacos
Danova Goal 12'26'85' Report Psychos Goal 68'
Attendance: 19,894

Milan beat Olympiacos 5–3 on aggregate.

Csepel Hungary2–3Turkey Fenerbahçe
Ughy Goal 10'
Németh Goal 34'
Report Küçükandonyadis Goal 22'
Has Goal 47'
Kalkavan Goal 53'
Attendance: 45,000

Fenerbahçe beat Csepel 4–3 on aggregate.

Anderlecht Belgium0–2Scotland Rangers
Report Matthew Goal 67'
McMillan Goal 72'
Attendance: 27,076

Rangers beat Anderlecht 7–2 on aggregate.

Porto Portugal0–2Czechoslovakia Cervena Hviezda Bratislava
Report Kačáni Goal 65'
Dolinský Goal 80'
Attendance: 60,000

Cervena Hviezda Bratislava beat Porto 4–1 on aggregate.

Wolverhampton Wanderers England2–0East Germany Vorwärts Berlin
Mason Goal 60'
Broadbent Goal 75'
Attendance: 55,000

Wolverhampton Wanderers beat Vorwärts Berlin 3–2 on aggregate.

Round of 16[edit]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Real Madrid Spain 12–2 Luxembourg Jeunesse Esch 7–0 5–2
Boldklubben 1909 Denmark 2–5 Austria Wiener Sportclub 0–3 2–2
Sparta Rotterdam Netherlands 4–41 Sweden IFK Göteborg 3–1 1–3
Milan Italy 1–7 Spain Barcelona 0–2 1–5
Young Boys Switzerland 2–5 West Germany Eintracht Frankfurt 1–4 1–1
Rangers Scotland 5–4 Czechoslovakia Cervena Hviezda Bratislava 4–3 1–1
Red Star Belgrade Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 1–4 England Wolverhampton Wanderers 1–1 0–3
Fenerbahçe Turkey 3–32 France Nice 2–1 1–2

1 Sparta Rotterdam beat IFK Göteborg 3–1 in a play-off to qualify for the quarter-finals.

2 Nice beat Fenerbahçe 5–1 in a play-off to qualify for the quarter-finals.

First leg[edit]

Real Madrid Spain7–0Luxembourg Jeunesse Esch
Di Stéfano Goal 25'
Puskás Goal 34'62'83'
Herrera Goal 43'77'
Mateos Goal 53'

Boldklubben 1909 Denmark0–3Austria Wiener Sportclub
Report Knoll Goal 62'75'
Horak Goal 82'
Attendance: 18,000

Sparta Rotterdam Netherlands3–1Sweden IFK Göteborg
Daniels Goal 23'38'48' Report Jonsson Goal 81'
Attendance: 17,000
Referee: Jarl Hansen (Denmark)

Milan Italy0–2Spain Barcelona
Report Vergés Goal 12'
Suárez Goal 15'

Young Boys Switzerland1–4West Germany Eintracht Frankfurt
Eugen Meier Goal 23' Report Weilbächer Goal 4'
Stein Goal 72'
Bäumler Goal 76' (pen.)
Meier Goal 82'
Attendance: 36,000

Rangers Scotland4–3Czechoslovakia Cervena Hviezda Bratislava
McMillan Goal 1'
Scott Goal 43'
Wilson Goal 73'
Millar Goal 90'
Report Scherer Goal 16'68'
Dolinský Goal 29'
Attendance: 80,000

Red Star Belgrade Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia1–1England Wolverhampton Wanderers
Kostić Goal 37' Report Deeley Goal 29'
Attendance: 40,000

Fenerbahçe Turkey2–1France Nice
Bartu Goal 37'
Has Goal 80'
Report Milazzo Goal 40'

Second leg[edit]

Jeunesse Esch Luxembourg2–5Spain Real Madrid
Theis Goal 10'
Schaak Goal 15'
Report Vidal Goal 13'
Mateos Goal 18'31'
Di Stéfano Goal 25'
Puskás Goal 29'

Real Madrid beat Jeunesse Esch 12–2 on aggregate.

Wiener Sportclub Austria2–2Denmark Boldklubben 1909
Hof Goal 46'55' Report Bassett Goal 40'
Berg Goal 52'
Attendance: 9,000
Referee: Józef Kowal (Poland)

Wiener Sportclub beat Boldklubben 1909 5–2 on aggregate.

IFK Göteborg Sweden3–1Netherlands Sparta Rotterdam
Ohlsson Goal 38'
Hellmér Goal 56' (pen.)
Johansson Goal 69'
Report Schilder Goal 73'
Attendance: 6,881
Referee: Leo Helge (Denmark)

Sparta Rotterdam and IFK Göteborg drew 4–4 on aggregate.

Sparta Rotterdam Netherlands3–1Sweden IFK Göteborg
Bosselaar Goal 3'
Crossan Goal 23'
Daniels Goal 65'
Report Berndtsson Goal 35'
Attendance: n/a

Sparta Rotterdam won the play-off 3–1.

Cervena Hviezda Bratislava Czechoslovakia1–1Scotland Rangers
Tichý Goal 89' Report Scott Goal 69'
Attendance: 60,000

Rangers beat Cervena Hviezda Bratislava 5–4 on aggregate.

Wolverhampton Wanderers England3–0Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Red Star Belgrade
Murray Goal 8'
Mason Goal 85'89'
Attendance: 55,519

Wolverhampton Wanderers beat Red Star Belgrade 4–1 on aggregate.

Barcelona Spain5–1Italy Milan
Kubala Goal 10'32'69'
Segarra Goal 19'
Czibor Goal 65'
Report Ferrario Goal 38'
Attendance: 70,000

Barcelona beat Milan 7–1 on aggregate.

Eintracht Frankfurt West Germany1–1Switzerland Young Boys
Bäumler Goal 68' Report Schneider Goal 90'

Eintracht Frankfurt beat Young Boys 5–2 on aggregate.

Nice France2–1Turkey Fenerbahçe
Foix Goal 62'
Faivre Goal 76'
Report Küçükandonyadis Goal 83'

Fenerbahçe and Nice drew 3–3 on aggregate.

Nice France5–1Turkey Fenerbahçe
Foix Goal 7'63'
Milazzo Goal 17'
Faivre Goal 31'
De Bourgoing Goal 59'
Report Has Goal 47'

Nice won the play-off 5–1.


Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Nice France 3–6 Spain Real Madrid 3–2 0–4
Barcelona Spain 9–2 England Wolverhampton Wanderers 4–0 5–2
Eintracht Frankfurt West Germany 3–2 Austria Wiener Sportclub 2–1 1–1
Sparta Rotterdam Netherlands 3–31 Scotland Rangers 2–3 1–0

1 Rangers beat Sparta Rotterdam 3–2 in a play-off to qualify for the semi-finals.

First leg[edit]

Nice France3–2Spain Real Madrid
Nurenberg Goal 54'67' (pen.)72' Report Herrera Goal 15'
Rial Goal 30'
Attendance: 21,422

Barcelona Spain4–0England Wolverhampton Wanderers
Villaverde Goal 8'80'
Kubala Goal 16'
Evaristo Goal 65'
Attendance: 80,000

Sparta Rotterdam Netherlands2–3Scotland Rangers
De Vries Goal 41'87' Report Wilson Goal 4'
Haggarty Goal 36'
Murray Goal 63'
Attendance: 53,000
Referee: John Kelly (England)

Second leg[edit]

Real Madrid Spain4–0France Nice
Pepillo Goal 21'
Gento Goal 40'
Di Stéfano Goal 45'
Puskás Goal 51'

Real Madrid beat Nice 6–3 on aggregate.

Wolverhampton Wanderers England2–5Spain Barcelona
Murray Goal 35'
Mason Goal 78'
Report Martínez Goal 29'
Kocsis Goal 44'49'74'
Villaverde Goal 85'
Attendance: 55,535

Barcelona beat Wolverhampton Wanderers 9–2 on aggregate.

Wiener Sportclub Austria1–1West Germany Eintracht Frankfurt
Hof Goal 31' Report Stein Goal 59'
Attendance: 50,000

Eintracht Frankfurt beat Wiener Sportclub 3–2 on aggregate.

Rangers Scotland0–1Netherlands Sparta Rotterdam
Report Van Ede Goal 82'
Attendance: 85,000

Sparta Rotterdam and Rangers drew 3–3 on aggregate.

Rangers Scotland3–2Netherlands Sparta Rotterdam
Verhoeven Goal 28' (o.g.)
Haggarty Goal 57'
Van der Lee Goal 64' (o.g.)
Report Verhoeven Goal 6'
Bosselaar Goal 76' (pen.)
Attendance: 34,178

Rangers won the play-off 3–2.


Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Eintracht Frankfurt West Germany 12–4 Scotland Rangers 6–1 6–3
Real Madrid Spain 6–2 Spain Barcelona 3–1 3–1

First leg[edit]

Eintracht Frankfurt West Germany6–1Scotland Rangers
Stinka Goal 29'
Pfaff Goal 51'55'
Lindner Goal 73'84'
Stein Goal 86'
Report Caldow Goal 31' (pen.)

Real Madrid Spain3–1Spain Barcelona
Di Stéfano Goal 17'84'
Puskás Goal 28'
Report Martínez Goal 37'

Second leg[edit]

Barcelona Spain1–3Spain Real Madrid
Kocsis Goal 89' Report Puskás Goal 25'75'
Gento Goal 68'
Attendance: 80,000

Rangers Scotland3–6West Germany Eintracht Frankfurt
McMillan Goal 10'54'
Wilson Goal 74'
Report Lindner Goal 6'
Pfaff Goal 20'88'
Kreß Goal 28'
Meier Goal 58'71'
Attendance: 70,000


Real Madrid Spain7–3West Germany Eintracht Frankfurt
Di Stéfano Goal 27'30'73'
Puskás Goal 46'56' (pen.)60'71'
Report Kreß Goal 18'
Stein Goal 72'75'
Attendance: 127,621
Referee: Jack Mowat (Scotland)

Top scorers[edit]

The top scorers from the 1959–60 European Cup (including preliminary round) are as follows:

Rank Name Team Goals
1 Hungary Ferenc Puskás Spain Real Madrid 12
2 Spain Alfredo Di Stéfano Spain Real Madrid 8
3 Hungary László Kubala Spain Barcelona 7
4 Sweden Owe Ohlsson Sweden IFK Göteborg 6
5 France Jacques Foix France Nice 5
Hungary Sándor Kocsis Spain Barcelona 5
West Germany Erwin Stein West Germany Eintracht Frankfurt 5
8 Scotland Sammy Baird Scotland Rangers 4
Netherlands Joop Daniels Netherlands Sparta Rotterdam 4
Brazil Evaristo Spain Barcelona 4
West Germany Dieter Lindner West Germany Eintracht Frankfurt 4
England Bobby Mason England Wolverhampton Wanderers 4
Scotland Ian McMillan Scotland Rangers 4
West Germany Erich Meier West Germany Eintracht Frankfurt 4
Luxembourg Victor Nurenberg France Nice 4
West Germany Alfred Pfaff West Germany Eintracht Frankfurt 4

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