1959 Little League World Series

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1959 Little League World Series
Teams participating 7
Champion United States Michigan Hamtramck National Little League
Hamtramck, Michigan
Runner-up United StatesCalifornia West Auburn Little League
Auburn, California

The 1959 Little League World Series took place during August 1959 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. The Hamtramck National Little League of Hamtramck, Michigan defeated the West Auburn Little League of Auburn, California in the championship game of the 13th Little League World Series. Hamtramck became the first team from the United States to win a tournament since foreign teams were allowed to participate beginning in 1957. As of 2010, Hamtramck is the only team from Michigan to win the Little League World Series championship.


Michigan Hamtramck, Michigan
North Region
Hamtramck National
California Auburn, California
West region
West Auburn
New York (state) Schenectady, New York
East Region
Schenectady National

Alabama Gadsden, Alabama
South Region
National League of Gadsden

Hawaii Oahu, Hawaii
Pacific Region

Puerto Rico San Juan, Puerto Rico
Latin America Region

CanadaQuebec Valleyfield, Quebec
Canada Region

Championship bracket[edit]

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 New York (state) New York  7
 Canada Canada  2  
 New York (state) New York  1
   California California  8  
 California California  3
 Alabama Alabama  1  
 California California  0
   Michigan Michigan  12
 Puerto Rico Puerto Rico  0
 Michigan Michigan  5  
 Michigan Michigan  7 Third place
   Hawaii Hawaii  1  
 Hawaii Hawaii     New York (state) New York  1
 Bye       Hawaii Hawaii  0
1959 Little League World Series Champions
United StatesMichigan
Hamtramck National Little League
Hamtramck, Michigan

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  • Hamtramick , Michigan won the 1959 LLWS Championship and The 1961 Pony League World Championship. They ouscored there opponents 24 to 1 in 1959 LLWS.

Art "Pinky" Deras - Was voted The Greatest Little League player of all - time was the winning pitcher in 1959

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