1959 NCAA Soccer Championship

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1959 NCAA Soccer Tournament
Country United States United States
Teams 8
Champions Saint Louis (1st title)
Runners-up Bridgeport
Matches played 7
Goals scored 22 (3.14 per match)

The 1959 NCAA Soccer Championship was the inaugural men's college soccer tournament organized by the NCAA to determine the top men's collegiate soccer team in the United States.

The inaugural championship was played on November 28, 1959 at Memorial Stadium at the University of Connecticut in Storrs.

Saint Louis defeated Bridgeport in the final, 2–0, to claim the inaugural title.[1]


Qualified Teams
School Record Appearance Last Bid
Bridgeport 9–0 1st Never
CCNY 8–1–1 1st Never
Colgate 7–1 1st Never
Maryland 8–0 1st Never
Saint Louis 8–1 1st Never
San Francisco 8–1 1st Never
West Chester State 8–0–1 1st Never
Williams 6–0–2 1st Never


First round Semifinals Final
Memorial Stadium
Storrs, CT
Saint Louis 4
San Francisco 0
Saint Louis 6
Williams 0
Saint Louis 5
Bridgeport 2
Bridgeport (2OT) 3
Colgate 2
Bridgeport (10OT) 2
West Chester State 1
West Chester State 1
Maryland 0

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