1960−61 Nigerian regional elections

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Regional elections were held in Nigeria in 1960 and 1961.[1] The elections were held in Western Region in July 1960, in Northern Region in May 1961 and in Eastern Region in November 1961.


Party Eastern Region Northern Region Western Region
Votes % Seats Votes % Seats Votes % Seats
Northern People's Congress 69.2 156
National Council of Nigeria and the Cameroons[a] 58.0 106 14.2 1 36.2 33
Action Group[b] 14.4 15 14.6 9 53.6 79
Mabolaje Grand Alliance 10
Dynamic Party 5
Independents 20
Total 146 80 100 166 100 122
Source: Sternberger et al.

a The NCNC ran in alliance with the Northern Elements Progressive Union in the Northern and Western regions

b Action Group ran in alliance with the United Middle Belt Congress in the Northern Region.


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