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The 1960 College Football All-America team is composed of college football players who were selected as All-Americans by various organizations and writers that chose College Football All-America Teams in 1960. The six selectors recognized by the NCAA as "official" for the 1960 season are (1) the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA), (2) the Associated Press (AP), (3) the Football Writers Association of America (FWAA), (4) the Newspaper Enterprise Association (NEA), (5) the Sporting News, and (6) the United Press International (UPI).

Seven players, including 1960 Heisman Trophy winner Joe Bellino of Navy, and College and Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees Mike Ditka of Pitt and Bob Lilly of TCU, were unanimously named first-team All-Americans by all six official selectors.

Consensus All-Americans[edit]

For the year 1960, the NCAA recognizes six published All-American teams as "official" designations for purposes of its consensus determinations. The following chart identifies the NCAA-recognized consensus All-Americans and displays which first-team designations they received.

Name Position School Number Official Other
Mike Ditka End Pittsburgh 6/6 AFCA, AP, FWAA, NEA, SN, UPI CP, Time, WC
Dan LaRose End Missouri 6/6 AFCA, AP, FWAA, NEA, SN, UPI CP, Time, WC
Bob Lilly Tackle TCU 6/6 AFCA, AP, FWAA, NEA, SN, UPI CP, Time, WC
Tom Brown Guard Minnesota 6/6 AFCA, AP, FWAA, NEA, SN, UPI CP, Time, WC
Joe Bellino Halfback Navy 6/6 AFCA, AP, FWAA, NEA, SN, UPI CP, Time, WC
Bob Ferguson Fullback Ohio State 6/6 AFCA, AP, FWAA, NEA, SN, UPI CP, Time, WC
Jake Gibbs Quarterback Ole Miss 6/6 AFCA, AP, FWAA, NEA, SN, UPI CP, WC
Ken Rice Tackle Auburn 5/6 AFCA, AP, FWAA, SN, UPI CP, Time, WC
E. J. Holub Center Texas Tech 5/6 AFCA, FWAA, NEA, SN, UPI CP, Time, WC
Joe Romig Guard Colorado 3/6 AFCA, FWAA, UPI WC
Ernie Davis Halfback Syracuse 2/6 AFCA, UPI WC

All-American selections for 1960[edit]



  • Bob Lilly, TCU (AP-1, UPI-1, NEA, CP, WC, AFCA-1, FWAA, SN, Time)
  • Ken Rice, Auburn (AP-1, UPI-1, CP, WC, AFCA-1, FWAA, SN, Time)
  • Merlin Olsen, Utah State (AFCA-3, NEA, FWAA, UPI-3)
  • Jerry Beabout, Purdue (AFCA-2, FWAA, UPI-2)
  • Kurt Gegner, Washington (AFCA-2, UPI-2)
  • Bob DeMarco, Dayton (AFCA-3)
  • Joe Rutgens, Illinois (UPI-3)


  • Tom Brown, Minnesota (AP-1, UPI-1, NEA, CP, WC, AFCA-1, FWAA, SN, Time)
  • Joe Romig, Colorado (UPI-1, WC, AFCA-1, FWAA)
  • Mark Manders, Iowa (AFCA-2, FWAA, SN, UPI-3)
  • Ben Balme, Yale (AP-1)
  • Wayne Harris, Arkansas (FWAA)
  • Al Vanderbush, Army (AFCA-3, UPI-2, CP)
  • Myron Pottios, Notre Dame (Time)
  • Pat Dye, Georgia (AFCA-2, UPI-2)
  • Rufus King, Rice (AFCA-3)
  • Monte Lee, Texas (UPI-3)






  • Bold – Consensus All-American[1]
  • -1 – First-team selection
  • -2 – Second-team selection
  • -3 – Third-team selection

Official selectors[edit]

Other selectors[edit]

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