1960 Rio de Janeiro mid-air collision

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1960 Rio de Janeiro mid-air collision
Accident summary
Date February 25, 1960
Summary Mid-air collision
Site Guanabara Bay, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Total fatalities 61
Total survivors 3
First aircraft
Type Douglas R6D-1 (DC-6A)
Operator United States Navy
Registration 131582
Flight origin Buenos Aires-Ezeiza
Destination Galeão Air Force Base
Passengers 31
Crew 7
Survivors 3
Second aircraft
Type Douglas DC-3
Operator Real Transportes Aéreos
Registration PP-AXD
Flight origin Campos dos Goytacazes
Destination Rio de Janeiro-Santos Dumont Airport
Passengers 23
Crew 3
Survivors 0

The 1960 Rio de Janeiro mid-air collision was an aerial collision between two aircraft over Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on February 25, 1960. In the crash, a United States Navy Douglas R6D-1 (DC-6A) (BuNo 131582) flying from Buenos Aires-Ezeiza to Rio de Janeiro-Galeão Air Force Base collided in the air over Guanabara Bay, close to the Sugarloaf Mountain with a Real Transportes Aéreos Douglas DC-3 registration PP-AXD operating flight 751 from Campos dos Goytacazes to Rio de Janeiro-Santos Dumont Airport. The crash occurred at 16:10 local time at an altitude of 1,600 meters (5,249 feet).[1][2][3][4]

The US Navy aircraft was carrying members of the United States Navy Band to Brazil to perform at a diplomatic reception attended by US President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Of the 38 occupants of the American aircraft, 3 survived. All 26 passengers and crew of the Brazilian aircraft died. The probable causes of the accident are disputed but include human error, both air and ground, and faulty equipment.[5][6]


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