1960 United States presidential election in Louisiana

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United States presidential election in Louisiana, 1960

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  John F. Kennedy, White House color photo portrait.jpg VP-Nixon.png
Nominee John F. Kennedy Richard Nixon Unpledged electors
Party Democratic Republican States' Rights
Home state Massachusetts California -
Running mate Lyndon B. Johnson Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. -
Electoral vote 10 0 0
Popular vote 407,339 230,980 169,752
Percentage 50.4% 28.6% 21.0%

Img.LA pre 1960.png
Parish Results

The 1960 United States presidential election in Louisiana took place on November 8, 1960, as part of the 1960 United States presidential election. Louisiana voters chose ten[2] representatives, or electors, to the Electoral College, who voted for president and vice president.

Louisiana was won by Senator John F. Kennedy (DMassachusetts), running with Senator Lyndon B. Johnson, with 50.42% of the popular vote against incumbent Vice President Richard Nixon (RCalifornia), running with United States Ambassador to the United Nations Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr., with 28.59% of the popular vote.[3][4]

Louisiana has a higher Roman Catholic population in contrast to the rest of Southern United States, greatly benefiting Kennedy, the second Roman Catholic to head a major party ticket and the first elected to the presidency. This Catholic base was mostly concentrated in the southern half of the state, while Nixon carried the northern Protestant counties. As of the 2016 presidential election, this is the last election in which Jefferson Parish and St. Tammany Parish voted for the Democratic candidate.


United States presidential election in Louisiana, 1960
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic John F. Kennedy 407,339 50.42%
Republican Richard Nixon 230,980 28.59%
States' Rights Unpledged electors 169,572 20.99%
Total votes 807,891 100%


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